Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still works. Tcl TVs are famous for their high-quality picture and easy access to various entertainment channels. You can enjoy various programs with your family and friends.

However, an electronic device has no trust; any time, it can go wrong and start creating issues like no picture, no sound, internet not connecting, and many other minor issues also.

It is very frustrating because you are watching a movie with friends, and If your TCL tv screen goes black, the sound still works. You can not enjoy anything without the picture on a tv screen.

Sometimes there is no significant issue, and you can quickly fix it without hiring a tv technician because some loose wires are detached, and the tv screen goes black.

If you have some electrical skills, you can fix the loose wire connection, but if you don’t know how to open the screws and back panel of the tv, then do not attempt this because you can damage your Tcl Tv.

Tcl tv screen goes black but sound still workstv screen goes black but sound still works

Usually, Tcl Tvs do not create issues until some major issue occurs; they are fixed on the wall all the time, and there is no danger to them.

But if you are playing with a ball in the Tv room and it hits the Tv screen at full speed, it will damage the Tv, so don’t try to play with it in the Tv room. If your tv screen goes black without outside interruption, then check these points to fix the problem.

Restart the Tv

The first thing to do when any electronic device is creating an issue is to restart the device. In the case of TVs, if the tv screen goes black suddenly but sounds are still coming from the tv, then switch off it for 5 minutes.Restart the Tv

Turn on the Tv after 5 minutes, and check that the picture is coming or not. If the issue is solved and the tv screen is on, then the power cycle trick is worked.

Whenever an issue occurs to any electrical device, switch it off for five minutes and restart it.

Factory reset option

If rebooting the Tv does not work, then the factory reset option is the next step. The factory reset option removes all the previous settings in the Tv.

At times it also happens that you don’t know somebody else in the home, change the setting option from Tv remote. For the factory reset option, you can use the manufacturer manual.

All the reset options are mentioned in the manual. If there is no hardware issue with the Tv screen, the factory reset option will finish the issue, and the Tv screen will show a picture.

HDMI cable is damagedHDMI cable is damaged

Protecting the HDMI cable and port of the Tcl Tv is necessary because if you pull it repeatedly and insert it into another device, it may be damaged.

HDMI cables are also worn out due to corrosion so check the cable; if it is damaged, replace it to solve the problem.

Loose cable connection

If your Tv is new and its warranty card is present, this issue is not generated mainly. But, if your Tv is too old, sometimes some wire connections become loose and detached and leave their place inside the Tv.

If there is no issue with the sound and just the picture is black, it means there is an issue with the picture cable. If you have experience opening the screws and wiring, you can do it this way.

  • First, switch off the Tv and pull out the plug from the socket because if you do not pull out the cord from the outlet, you may bear an electric shock.
  • Carefully detach the Tv from the wall and place it on a soft and smooth surface. If you place it on a rough surface, there are chances of scratches on the Tv screen.
  • Take a flathead screwdriver and open all the screws from the side of the Tv.
  • Take the panel off and remove the cover from the backside. Remove the back cover carefully because the device may get damaged.
  • After removing the cover, all the circuits we’ll be exposed to you. Check if the circuit and the connections to it are appropriately bounded. Tight the open circuits and connections.
  • Check the picture cable; if it is damaged or worn out, then you need to replace the picture cable.
  • It is suggested that if you are not an expert, don’t open the Tv screws because the circuits and Cables are complex, and you can not repair them until you are a certified technician.


The final words in this article are if you are having an issue with the Tcl Tv screen going black, but the sound still works, then the first thing to do is reboot the Tv.

If it works, it is good, but if it does not work and the picture is still not coming, follow the above points to fix the issue.

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