Extending dishwasher drain hose

Extending dishwasher drain hose. Having your dishwasher close to the pipe and sink is best because water is drained quickly in this way. You can join the dishwasher drain hose with the sink pipe, and water can quickly drain.

However, if your dishwasher is installed at some distance from the sink, you are facing difficulty in water drainage and looking to extend the dishwasher drain hose.

If you don’t know how to extend the dishwasher drain hose, then you are in the right place because I am explaining the proper way to extend the hose.

You can only do this task if you know basic plumbing skills. If you are skillful, then you can try this. Otherwise, calling a certified plumber to extend the dishwasher drain hose is better.

If you are doing it by yourself, don’t forget to shut the power supply of the water because if it is open in the hose, you can not do the work in the kitchen.

Extending dishwasher drain hosedishwasher drain hose

If you are planning to extend the dishwasher drain hose to attach it to the sink pipe, then there first thing to do is measure the exact length between the dishwasher hose to the pint where you want to attach it. Because if you measure the wrong length of the required hose, it will disturb you during the work.

After measuring the exact length, now buy the extended hose. You have two options buy it from the market from a hardware store, or purchase it online from Amazon.

Let’s check the procedure of extending the dishwasher drain hose to the sink.

Turn off the water supply

Before starting your work, the first is to turn off the water supply from the main valve. Shutt off the main valve and remove all the water in the hose. It is essential because you can not do the work easily if water is in the pipe.

Switch off the powerSwitch off the power

After turning off the water supply, pull out the dishwasher plug from the socket to switch off the power. It is better for self-safety because if the dishwasher’s power is on, then you can bear an electric shock.

Find the drain hose

As you already purchased the extended pipe to connect with the dishwasher drain hose, now check and find the drain pipe at the back of the dishwasher and lose its connections with the help of a wrench.

For this purpose, you can slightly move the dishwasher ahead from its place so that you can quickly go to the back of the unit to loosen the hose.

Connect the pipes

Now, it’s time to connect the existing pipe with the new extension hose. You can use two-way coupling to join both pipes.Connect the pipes

Connect both pipes with each other using a wrench. After tightening, both pipes now use barb union fitting that is used to tighten the connections of pipes.

Fix all connections

After connecting both pipes, all connections are now tightened accurately by rotating the wrench in a clockwise direction.

Tightening the pipe is very important because if you leave the loose connection between the dishwasher and extension hose, water will start to leak from that place, making a pool in the kitchen and making it difficult for you to work in the kitchen.

Clean the area

After finishing your work, clean the area and shift the dishwasher back to its position. Ensure to keep the pipe straight because if there is any twist in the pipe.

Then water will not quickly drain from the pipe and start to flow back into the dishwasher. Now turn off the supply of water and power to check your work.


The bottom line of the article is that if your dishwasher drain hose is small and you are facing drainage or water issues and want to extend the dishwasher hose, then this article is best for you because I have explained all points in detail for you to join the new hose with the existing pipe.

However, I want to suggest that if you have some plumbing skills, attempt to do this work; otherwise, it is best to take the services of a plumber to extend the dishwasher drain hose.

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