Dyson vacuum not sucking

Dyson vacuum not sucking. Imagine you are cleaning the house, and suddenly Dyson vacuum starts creating a suction problem, due to several reasons.

One of the reasons could be clogging and dirty filters, yes if the filter is dirty and blocked your vacuum will stop picking up things. Clean the filter nicely, and after cleaning check if the problem is resolved, or not.

When clogging occurs, there would be no path for air to pass and a suction problem occurs. Check the hose, if anything is stuck inside, clear the hose, and turn on your vacuum to check if it’s working properly.

It’s better to clean the filters and hose after a few uses, to keep it running. We are going to discuss the possible reasons Dyson not picking items up.

Dyson vacuum not sucking

Dyson vacuum not sucking

A common reason for the suction problem could be a blocked filter or a dirty filter. When the filter gets clogged your Dyson vacuum may not be able to suc any more dust.  Although there are other factors like the bin is full or head is clogged with some dust particles. There can be a problem with the hose or the nozzle is blocked.

Dirty filters

The first possible reason for the suction problem can be a dirty filter due to dust or fibers. When the filters get dirty machine stops sucking items up.

Clean the filters immediately after the machine stops working.  Reads the steps below to clean your Dyson vacuum filter.

  • Turn off the Dyson vacuum and unplug.
  • Take out the filter and rinse under water carefully until water runs clear.
  • Leave filter for air dry until moisture goes off. And don’t apply any heating method.
  • Fix the filter and try if the problem is resolved and the machine is working as desired.

Clogging in hoseClogging in hose

It happens when you are cleaning the house, and Dyson stops due to hose blockage.

It is because something stuck inside the hose and vacuum is unable to pick enough dirt and dust.

Solution: Take a wire cloth hanger and remove any debris or item causing blockage.

In the Dyson animal vacuum unit, the blockage can be removed by pulling the wand in an upward direction.

Then remove the hose from the opposite side attached to a vacuum. Try another easy method by hitting the side with your hand and any build-up debris will go off.

Blockage in HEAD

The Head section controls debris and dirt too, there could be a blockage in the shelf due to hair or other fibers. Check the head for blockage, and remove any debris.

You can use a brush or metal cloth hanger to remove all blockage. Clean the shelf and check if the suction problem is fixed.

Bin is fullBin is full

Sometimes, the bin gets full, and there is no space, which can cause a suction problem.

Open the bin lid and empty it into a trash bin. Emptying the bin helps in proper dusting and cleaning performance.

A blocked Nozzle

if you own a handheld type Dyson unit, nozzle gets obstruction or blockage due to some debris and other reasons too.

Check if the nozzle has any blockage, remove any obstructed items, and debris. It is a comparatively and easy method to bring the Dyson unit back into operation again.

A damaged brush bar

A damaged brush can be the reason for the suction problem. Sometimes the brush bar gets damaged and stops turning. Press the brush bar button to check if it’s moving or not.

You can find the brush bar button near the power button. Remove the brush bar, check if it’s damaged, replace it with a new one, and Dyson will start working.

Final verdict

Dyson vacuums have powerful suction and are the best home helper for cleaning your house. But the frustrating moment is when you are cleaning your carpets and home. Fortunately, you can check the possible causes and solutions mentioned earlier, before contacting customer service.

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