How to empty Dyson vacuum

How to empty Dyson vacuum. Once the Dyson dust cup has reached the max level mark, clean to prevent any damage.

To empty your Dyson Vacuum, you need to hold the handle of the machine firmly. Now check for the red lever and pull it back, it lifts the cover upwards.

Repeating this will automatically open and releases the dirt and dust. Once the Dyson vacuum is empty, push the cyclone back to close.

We have discussed a general procedure for removing dust from the Dyson vacuum bin. Dyson vacuum has different types of vacuum appliances in their portfolio.

Each new model has different buttons positions and procedures for cleaning and emptying bins. Keep reading to learn how to clean different types of Dyson vacuum.

How to empty Dyson VacuumHow to empty Dyson vacuum

We are going to cover fewer models of Dyson vacuum, how to clean and empty different models.

How to empty a Dyson Ball Vacuum

The structure of the Dyson Ball vacuum is such as it has a detachable dust cup.

Check for the button at the top of the vacuum, pressing this button will detach the dust cup.

Empty the cup in the trash bin by grabbing the top handle of the cup. Put the bottom of the dust cup lower in the trash bin to avoid any spilling and pressing the button will empty the cup.

Shake the cup gently and remove any leftover items. Once the cup is emptied, close the bottom cover of the cup. Return the dust cup to vacuum.

How to Empty a Dyson V-series Vacuum

V-series stick vacuum is the most in-demand category of Dyson vacuum. The drastic change in the design of the latest series upward from V8 also changed the way to empty the respective brand.

Depending on the design we also divided the cleaning guide for each category of v-series.

Cleaning V-6 to V-8 series

The v-6 to v-8 these Dyson vacuums have L-shaped dust cups. Before cleaning the dust cup make sure that the machine is turned off properly by the switch and by removing the cord from the wall outlet.

Take a trash can and remove the dust cup by pressing the red button near the vacuum’s handle. Pressing the red button will open the cup from the bottom side, remove dust from the cup. After cleaning, reattach it to the machine.

How to empty Dyson V10 to V15 series

Dyson V10, V11, and V15 have an inline dust cup that is a little bit harder to detach and clean.

Turn off the machine, and by pressing the Wand release button take off the front section wand. When the wand is detached, check for the door release of the cup.

Take the trash bin and point the cup towards the trash can and press the red latch to open the cup. Put the cup a little lower to the trash can to avoid dust from spilling on the ground.

Cleaning the Dyson Vacuum’s Dust Cup

Dirt, debris, and sometimes pet hair logged inside make the cup dirty and need proper cleaning.

Dust cup becomes dirt after fewer use even sometimes in a single-use. Do not use detergent, dish soap, and any other washing agent to clean the cup.

  • In the first step, turn the vacuum and remove the cup.
  • Wash dust under cold running water.
  • Take a soft brush and clean the inside of the machine.
  • Check and dislodge anything logged.
  • Wipe off with a towel and leave it for drying.
  • After a few hours cup gets dried and reattach back to the vacuum.


How to empty Dyson vacuum. The dust cup needs to be emptied once it gets filled even the debris and pets’ hair are logged inside the cup and affect the cleaning process. Cleaning the dust cup depends on the type of Dyson vacuum you have.  You can clean your Dyson cup by following the procedures described above. Clean your dust cup frequently to get better results. If you have any better suggestions? please provide your feedback.

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