How to unlock a deadbolt without a key

How to unlock a deadbolt without a key. It’s a frustrating situation you have got stuck outside the house, or in a room, and the door locked.

The deadbolt lock has different designs, some have keyholes at one side and a knob at the other side. The pin and tumbler deadbolt have pins of different lengths and can be unlocked only with specific keys.

However, the lock resides inside the door and works on the same principle for all deadbolt locks.

You can unlock your door by knowing the door lock type and some extra techniques. We are going to discuss the best methods to unlock the deadbolt lock.

How to unlock a deadbolt without a keyunlock a deadbolt without a key

You can unlock the deadbolt lock with bobby pins. Take two bobby pins and insert one closed-looped side of the bobby pin. Insert the second pin and move the bobby pin back and forth position. Try 4-5 times if you fail, use the flathead screwdriver to open the lock.

You can also use a credit card or plastic card method to open the door lock. A drilling machine can be used to unlock the door, but it damages the door, and you have to replace the lock.

Use bobby pins to unlock the deadbolt without a key

Use of the bobby pins method is one of the safest ways to unlock the deadbolt without a key.

Bobby pins don’t damage the deadbolt lock, and you can easily reuse the deadbolt lock. It’s an easier and best solution when you are stuck inside the room.

8 Easy steps to Unlock the deadbolt lock with bobby pins

Follow the steps below to easily unlock the deadbolt door.

  • The process starts with two bobby pins. Take two bobby pins of about 2cm long, this length helps to insert the pins in the lock easily.
  • Check the bobby pins if they have any rubber balls at the end. Remove the rubber ball and clean the bobby pins.
  • Now keep one pin unfolded and bend the other pin in an “L” shape. Unfold the second pin to ensure that the pin can easily reach the lock’s clip.
  • First insert the “L” shape into the keyhole, make sure you are targeting the bottom part of the lock hole with an “L” shaped pin.
  • Now target the upper part of the lock hole by inserting the unfolding pin.
  • Put pressure in a sideway by using the folded pin. And, apply the same pressure on the second pin and move the pin in up, down, and other positions.
  • Keep moving the pins until you notice the inside clip is moving. When the clip starts moving remove the unfolded pin from the hole.
  • Keep moving the “L” shaped pin until you unlock the door lock. And remove the pin after opening the deadbolt lock.

Note: Bobby pin method is safe as it does not damage the deadbolt lock, you can reuse your lock after opening it with bobby pins.

Unlock the deadbolt lock with a screwdriver

Take a damage-free thick screwdriver and insert it into the lock hole. The screwdriver should have a strong grip and it should be thick.

Insert the screw inside the lock hole and ensure the flathead is touching the locking clip. Apply force on the screwdriver in an upward direction to move the tumblers in the up direction.

Finally rotate the screwdriver in a clockwise direction to rotate the deadlock. This will surely work for you, and the deadbolt will unlock. Try again if you fail on the first attempt.


Deadbolt locks have various designs and structures. Unlocking the deadbolt lock is no more a hard job, you can open your deadbolt lock by following the before-mentioned methods. Start by using the bobby pins method as its safe method.

If the bobby pins method fails, you can try the screwdriver method, or a drill machine to open the deadbolt lock.

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