How to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver

How to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver. Deadbolt locks are one of the prominent methods to secure your home and property.

Imagine the situation when you are outside and forget the keys. No worries you can still open the lock with the help of a screwdriver and bobby pin.

Take a bobby pin and a small screwdriver (with a straight head). Bend the bobby pin and insert the bumpy part inside the keyhole.

Now insert the screwdriver just under the pin. Hold the bobby pin and rotate it up and down of the deadbolt lock keyhole.

The next thing is keeping the tumbler upwards, and it can be easily done by gliding the screwdriver between the edges of the pin and twisting the screwdriver gently.

Opening the deadbolt lock with the screwdriver is a doable task. But before exploring the steps to open the deadbolt lock let’s discuss some components of the deadbolt lock.

How to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriverHow to open a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver 2022

Know your lock type: know the lock type, you are working with. The first step is quite helpful in determining the time required to do the job.

There are two types of lock are used by most homeowners, the mortise lock and, the pin tumbler lock. But the commercial and residential areas prefer the pin tumbler lock.

Use proper tools: The selection of the most proper tools for this task is a very important step. Take a skinny and flat head screwdriver, it should be small in size.

You may also need a bobby pin as a tool. Small screwdrivers are the ideal choice to avoid any damage to the deadbolt lock.

Insert the tools into the keyhole. Bent your bobby pin so that it’s completely straight. Now insert the bumpy side of the pin into the keyhole and small screwdriver just under the bobby pin.

It’s not recommended to insert the screwdriver too far you will need space to move the bobby pin in all directions.

Rotate the bobby pin: here you need to move the pin-up, down, around, and in and out of the deadbolt lock. This is needful to manipulate the tumbler pins inside the lock.

Move your tool side to side. In this step, you are required to move the screwdriver nicely from side to side, ensure the tip is long enough and glide the edge in between pins.

The final step in unlocking the deadbolt is to twist your screwdriver while the all tumblers are up.

This will unlock the door, if not so, retry by repositioning all the pins and applying more pressure and force than applied earlier.

Components of the deadbolt lockopen a deadbolt lock with a screwdriver

There are 4 basic components of the deadbolt lock system. We are going to have a short description of each.

Bolt: A bolt is a metal bar, when you locked the deadbolt bolt appears and it will penetrate into the frame of the door.

Cylinder: it is also known as the basic or primary component of the deadbolt lock. The cylinder contains the keyhole, and pins that help in opening and closing the lock.

When you insert the key inside the keyhole the pins move and the deadlock opens or closes depending on your choice.

Deadbolt plunger: before it was common that the lock can be opened by swiping the card, but thanks the deadbolt plunger that keeps the bolt protected and prevents it from moving.

Box and the strike plate:  it is basically an essential Hole inside the door frame. It is an extra feature that ensures that the lock is solid and it allows adjustments of the bolt.


Most common homeowners use the deadbolt lock to ensure the security of their homes and property. if you locked yourself outside with no keys available you can open with a screwdriver.

You can do it by following the steps explained earlier. Be nice and gentle when applying the pressure and force to move the screwdriver to avoid any damage.

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