Crosley record player not spinning

Crosley record player not spinning. The function switch present on the front left of the record player may not be set to phono.

You need to turn it to phono, so you need to turn the moveable arm on the right until there is a clicking sound. Then remove the protective needle cover, and the record player will spin.

My record player by Crosley wasn’t spinning, and I thought I’ll need a new record player. The record player I was using was a gift, so I didn’t want a new record player. I searched about Crosley and found all about the record player’s working.

After understanding the working, I easily determined the fault of not spinning in the record player. I was able to fix the record player easily and saved my gift.

Crosley record player not spinning
record player not spinning

Listening to your favorite song and the record player stops in between. Music can’t get more annoying than that. Sometimes Crosley’s record player has an issue where the player stops spinning the disc. The music or whatever you were playing stops when the record stops spinning.

If your record player by Crosley isn’t spinning, then you need to adjust the player. The rotatory motion of the player may have been stopped because of a faulty motor. The player may not have enough power to function.

The function switch may not be set to phono. The protective cover of the needle hasn’t been removed. The turntable may not be connected correctly.


Power in the record player plays the role of blood. If the record payer doesn’t have power, then be it Crosley or any other player, they won’t work. If your record player isn’t working or spinning, then you should have insufficient power received by the record player.

Power is basic for the player to run, so it should be checked first. Check if the record player is connected to the outlet. If the player is connected to the outlet, check the button on the outlet. If it’s off, turn it on.

The power may be on from behind the player, but the player may not be on from itself. The power button of the player should be clicked to turn the record player on and enjoy the music. The power of the record player should be restored, and it will start spinning.

Spin needle problemSpin needle problem

If the belt is correct and the power to the player is stable, then the spin needle of the player can be causing the player not to spin. The basic problem is that the needle is broken.

As you have placed the broken needle onto the record, they get stuck. So replacing the needle will restore the record player’s functionality.

Belt issues

The record or the disc may not be spinning because of the belt that makes them spin. The belt issue is caused by two main things. The first thing that causes the belt issue is that belt is too loose.

The second thing about the player’s belt is that it is too tight. The loosened condition of belts is caused by the long-term use of the belt. The belts get expanded with time and use. With time, it loses friction, and without friction, it is unable to turn the platter with the motor shaft. If the belt is loose, then contracting the belt will help in righting the belt.

Just remove the belt and heat it. The heat will make the belt shrink. Now you can set the shrank belt, and you can hear it. Sometimes the case of a loosened belt has a counterpart.

The belt may not be loose, but the record player’s belt is too tight. If the belt has shrunk too much or you shrank it too much while heating, replacing the belt will make the record player spin again.

YOu can get the matched record player belt and place it the way the old belt was placed, and listen to your record player.


A motor in the record player makes the record spin and keeps the disc running. If the motor is stuck or not spinning, then you need to get the record player fixed by a professional.

The professional may fix the player’s motor or replace it.

The last word

Having a record player seems cool and classical at the same time. But if the record player stops spinning, you are having a shutdown. The record player plays by sinning the disc or the record.

The basic re ord player is caused by a power issue. If the power isn’t an issue, then the belt of the record player should be checked. The spin needle may not be in its place. The motor of the record player has gone out of order. The platter can be a problem too.

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