Xbox won’t turn on after power outage

Xbox won’t turn on after power outage. Xbox is a device used for playing games, and these are very common for playing games on the computer and other devices; they can easily connect with each type of device, and their connection is also very strong.

These devices are used for playing games using power; if you do not provide them the power, they cannot work. After a power outage, if your device is not working and you are searching about it, you are in the right place here.

When power gets outage, and after the power comes when you turn the device on, this device does not start working as it takes some issue from the sudden shock of electricity.

Xbox won’t turn on after power outageXbox won't turn on

The sudden outage of the power can cause many problems you can face and get rid of them if you have information about their solutions.

These solutions are straightforward or maybe a bit difficult if you have small information about them. Some solutions to this problem are given here:

  • Boot in the safe mood

You have to boot the Xbox in a safe mood; an outage can be inadequate for other things and damage the device’s software. Here in this thing you, just have to play only one software, other are not good to work.

Just allow only OS to run otherwise stop all things. Booting in a safe mood is very good for working the device, and it’s a better setup.

This is a very easy and good thing; here, you have to take two buttons which are one Xbox and the other eject button, presses them both, and hold on to them both; when you hold on to them and press them for 10 seconds, here not only the expiry of time is necessary, but here your screen flashing is also necessary, do not release the buttons until your device start flashing screen.

The screen not only flashes once but twice; when this process is complete, you have to repair your software which has the chance of getting worse; if you repair the software, your device is repaired successfully without an issue.

  •  Try hard resetTry hard reset

A hard reset is the best solution to many problems, and a hard reset is also very easy and popular. The procedure of the hard reset is that turn the Xbox off.

Press and hold the power button for a bit of time which is almost 10 seconds. When you perform this thing, it means you have done your work, remove your device from the power outlet and disconnect or remove all the devices you have connected to.

These all things are straightforward, and you can do them all in a bit of time; now, when you power off and disconnect all the devices, turn your device to standby mode.

When it remains in standby mode for up to 5 to 6 minutes, re-done all the procedures means connecting all the devices and making a strong connection between them. This is the process of hard reset.

  • Change outlet

The changing outlet is also perfect for making the device work; if the device is not working, the issue is not with the device’s working.

Maybe the outlet is facing the issue; this issue is very severe, and do not allow your device to work until you do not change the outlet. So please change the outlet for the excellent working and avoid the pause coming in the way of work.

Change in the outlet is the best thing you can use to reduce the chance of error in the work. Suppose it is the main thing creating an error, so if you change it.

In that case, it can be a good thing that you can perform to improve the working of the device which is damaged due to the power outage because if your device is damaged due to some reason, you must have to make it right by using some techniques, which are very useful for you in work. If the device is damaged, it can not be able to work more.

  • Change the power wire

Another cause of the issue in the working due to a power outage is the wire you are using for the connection. The wire is used to connect to the power, but if it is not making the connections, you can check that wire and solve the issue.

This issue can also damage the whole device; this is very good if you take care and repair the damaged things. If the issue can be solved quickly, do it; otherwise, change the wire you are using for the connection.

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