White clothes turn yellow after washing

White clothes turn yellow after washing. If you wear a white uniform in the school, college or even office then it should be bright white because if it looks like yellow then it will not suit you.

If your white clothes turn yellow after cleaning then it is because you are using too much chlorine bleach as a detergent in the washing machine.

It is very important to use less amount of detergent or chlorine bleach for washing the clothes, especially white fabrics because it wears out the clothes and changes the color of white shirts into yellow.

Some other causes of yellowish color on white fabrics are these

  • The clothes are too old
  • Sweat on fabrics
  • Leftovers after cooking
  • Wrong-way of washing

These are some common causes of the yellow color of dresses after washing. Keep reading this article to know the real methods of washing the white fabrics and how can you save them from changing color and wearing out.

White clothes turn yellow after washing

White clothes turn yellow after washing

If you want to look good in white color clothes then you will have to invest time and money in them. You will have to take extra care of white shirts when you are wearing or washing them.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you will hang your white dress for a long time then it will change its color and turn yellowish. Let’s find out how can you keep your clothes bright white.

Minimize the use of chlorine bleach

If you have a habit of using extra bleach to clean the white dresses then it is the most common culprit beyond the yellow color of white shirts.

I am not suggesting you stop the use of bleach to wash the dresses but minimize the amount of bleach. You will see the result after acting upon this suggestion.

Your white dresses will not turn yellow after cleaning now.

Less amount of cleanser

Whenever you wash the clothes, especially white dresses then make sure to add a suitable amount of cleanser powder before you start the cycle in the washing machine.

If there are more clothes in the tub and you are adding less detergent then dust and debris will not remove completely and yellow stains will be leftover on the shirts. So always add a suitable amount of cleanser to get the bright white color of dresses.

Use Lemon solution

Use Lemon solution

If your white dresses have changed their color and look yellowish then don’t worry. You can easily make them white bright again at no cost. Just make a solution of one-quarter glass with one gallon of water.

After making the solution dip the dresses in it for 3 to 4 hours. After soaking for this time, wash them well and hang them on the wire to dry out completely.

Hopefully, you will get results after applying this technique.

Make a mix of vinegar

White vinegar is another ingredient to remove the stains from the white clothes. It is very easy to make its solution and you can easily make it at home.

Take a bowl and add a small amount of vinegar and table salt to it. Now soak your dress for one hour in this bowl. After one hour pulls out the clothes and wash them properly to remove the yellow stains from them.

Use of oxygen bleach

It is one of the most preferred techniques for removing the yellow stains from the fabrics. It is very easy to apply but the most important thing is your time.

You can check the amount of white bleach from guidance and then mix it with the water. After making the solution dip your clothes for 8 to 1o hour.

After this time, now you can wash it in a simple way but it is essential to use hot water.

Applying the toothpaste

If your white uniform shirt has a yellow stain on it and you want to remove it immediately then take the toothpaste and put it on the stain.

Now rub it for some time and then wash it. With luck, you will get a bright white shirt.


The final thoughts on this article are that if your white clothes turn yellow after washing then most probably it is due to the extra use of clean bleach so firstly stop using an extra amount of bleach.

Next, if you want to detach the yellow stains from the white clothes and the most effective ideas and techniques are mentioned above in the article. You can use any of them to get a white bright shirt to wear.

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