kenmore series 500 washer stuck on sensing

kenmore series 500 washer stuck on sensing.  As different features are advanced in the washing machines now but some times it becomes difficult to handle them if something goes wrong in them.

One of the usual problems with them is that if the sensing function does not work then the washer will not understand how much load is enough.

When this problem occurs, the spinner of the washing machine will not spin. Mostly washer is stuck on sensing because its water inlet valve is at a switch-off position.

One other reason could be that the shift sensor is not up to change its place ahead of the wash cycle. Let us find in detail the reasons behind this troubleshooting.

Kenmore series 500 washer stuck on sensingwasher stuck on sensing

.It is one of those electrical appliances that are easy to use and maintain unlike some other appliances that are very complicated and it is difficult to maintain. It is just very easy to wash clothes in a washer because just you will have to plug in the outlet and switch on the machine.

Nowadays both top loader and front loader machines have high efficiency and quiet washers.

It is necessary to load your fabrics according to the size of the tub. If you will overload the machine then it might damage the washer because your load sensor is not working properly, due to which the machine may malfunction. Here are some reasons why the washer is stuck on sensing.

Motor shift sensor crashes

Most top load washers use motor shift sensors to handle transference rings between spin and wash cycle. Whenever the wash cycle starts, the control board of the machine checks the location of the tub and confirms that the shift sensor is not placed to spin the cycle.

If at any cause the shift sensor does not work because of any mechanical or electrical problem, the control board will continue to stick to the position of the shift sensor.

After various tries the light of the lid lock will start flashing, it is informing you that there is something wrong.

For finding a solution to this check the error code of the shift sensor and make sure that either it is true that the shift actuator is failed. You can hire an expert to replace the motor shift actuator of the washer.

A problem with lid switch of the machine

If your machine thrust on sense then doesn’t open the back panel immediately. You have noticed that when you close or open the washer then you listen to a clicking sound as the lid switch is on now. If this sound does not come then confirm that the lid strike is completed.

There is a small plastic piece going up on the lid that presses down on a switch through a hole in the washtub starting on the right side.

If this piece is cracked, it will give an indication that lid switch is broken. You will have to replace the lid switch to sort out the problem.

Loose fittings

This problem also happened sometimes due to the loose fittings of wiring at some points in the washer. If you move the machine from one place to another then the loose wire will detach and the actuator will stick on sensing. It also happens when a mouse chewed the wire from the back of the washer.

The best way to sort out this troubleshoot is that see the back of the machine that either some wire is loose or broken if it is then fit or replace the wire and then try to start the washer.

Problem with the water inlet valve

If some problem occurs with this valve then water will not flow into the machine or less water will go into the tub. Mostly there is a blockage in the filter of the water inlet valve due to the hard water.

First of all, detach the valve from the power source and see the debris on the filter screen of valve from inside with any torchlight. If there are some derbies and blockages then clean them carefully and reinstall the water inlet valve to the washer.


The logical conclusion of this problem is that if the washer is stuck on sensing then mostly it is problem with the lid or water inlet valve of the washer so try to fix them before starting the washing machine.

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