How to stop washing machine moving when spinning

How to stop washing machine moving when spinning. A washer is very helpful in cleaning the clothes in an easy way with more efficiency. It is necessary to not overload the machine to keep it in balance when spinning.

If the leaf springs in the washer become damaged then due to unbalance load the machine will not able to maintain its balance.

It will not start moving and shaking from its place when the floor is sturdy. Shock absorbers are the main component that prevents the machine from moving to its place when it is spinning. If these springs are out of order then the washer will start making a loud noise.

If you want to stop the washer from moving when it is spinning then do not overload the machine and ensure the level of the surface is smooth.

How to stop washing machine moving when spinning

In all front loader machines if you load more dresses after half an hour you will see that the machine is moved slightly further from where it was.

You will also listen the loud noise when the washer was spinning the cycle. The reason why your machine starts moving is that it is not placed at a proper level on the floor.

Some of the major reasons and solutions behind this problem are these.

No transit bolts

Transit bolts are installed on the backside of the washer to safely transfer it from one place to other. If you found your machine is shaking or moving from its place then the first thing to look at is these bolts, remove them from their place.

Their job is just to save the unit from getting damaged in transport. When you start to wash the dress the detach them from the back of the machine.

Ensure the level of the washer

It is an obvious and understood thing that if the floor is not a smooth surface then you can not stop your machine from shaking or even moving when it will be spinning.

When you are washing the dress then, must place it at that place which is level otherwise it will be difficult for you because it will start making loud noise due to shaking and will move from its place.

load is unbalanced

Make sure while using a washing machine that does not put an extra load in the tub. It will be dangerous for the washer because it will have to push extra effort into it.

Always put the same size of fabric in less quantity at a time, if the load will be unbalanced then the drum will spin more due to which it will start moving from its place.

Leaf springs are damaged

If the leaf springs or shock absorbers of the washer become damaged then it will be difficult for it to balance itself. Open the panel of the unit and check that leaf springs are present or missing from their place.

You will have to replace the all springs if they are damaged otherwise your machine will keep moving from its place whenever you will run it.

Attach non-slip pads

Attaching the non-slip pads to the legs of the machine is another good option to get rid of this issue. They will stop it from moving when it is spinning.

Suspension rods are broken

Suspension rods are installed in the top loader machines to give them balance. They work the same as the shock absorbers.

If these rods are damaged then they will not maintain their balance and start shaking. You will have to replace the suspension rods to get things normal.

Anti-vibration rubber feet

Nowadays anti rubber feet are available in the market for special this purpose. They work like a rubber mat but these rubber feet are fixed under the washing machine feet.

Due to these rubber feet, the machine will stick to one place and it will not able to move even when the tub is spinning at high speed.


If your washing machine starts moving when spinning then don’t need to panic, mostly because of the unbalanced load in the tub.

Due to overload, the machine will start moving and making a lot of noise. Sometimes it also leaves it to place due to not level of the surface.

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