Whirlpool refrigerator temperature control not working

Whirlpool refrigerator temperature control not working. A refrigerator is an appliance that is mostly used in every home and is helpful for many things.

It is used for the cooling process and for preserving the food for a long time. You can also freeze many things in it. The main thing in the refrigerator is the temperature control if your temperature control is not set or not working.

Then your refrigerator is not working, and the food which you have in it or the ice starts melting. The other things do not remain good.

Whirlpool refrigerator temperature control not workingrefrigerator temperature control not working

Whirlpool refrigerator temperature control is not working. There are many reasons behind that issue, and we must have information about them.

More briefing on the issues of the control not working are given below.

1) Door does not close properly

The first thing you should know is that you have to close the door properly and not allow children to interfere in the refrigerator. It may become a sensitive machine and can get damaged due to carelessness.

Take care of your refrigerator and do not allow it to worsen soon. If you take care of it, it does not get damaged and becomes very good for a long time.

The main thing that affects the temperature is the outdoor temperature, which affects the whole working of the refrigerator. If you leave the door open or closed that is not correctly closed, the refrigerator’s temperature gets disturbed.

It does not come to its position that escapes the fresh and cold air, and the temperature gets in the fridge, and it does not maintain the temperature.

2) Coils get dirty

Another reason is that the condenser coils are dirty and do not remain good. When these coils get dirty, they are not good for maintaining the temperature.

When the coils are not cleaned, there is a good chance of interference in the temperature and it is not good that your temperature gets disturbed.

It does not allow the temperature to remain good and disturbs the whole temperature. Then the refrigerator does not cool.

Take care of your coils and clean them from time to time to remain suitable for maintaining the temperature. If they remain dirty for a long time, they can cause the fridge failure, which is a big loss for you.

As if your refrigerator gets worse, you may have the need to change it or set it carefully.

3) Motor FailureMotor Failure

Each machine or appliance has a motor that manages all the work cooling and all the other works. If the appliance’s motor fails, then the whole working of the machine gets disturbed and if this same situation occurs with the refrigerator, then it stops working.

When the refrigerator has stopped working, the fridge does not make the cooling, which creates a big issue that may not be solved.

Sometimes when these types of cases occur, they may occur suddenly, but sometimes you have the idea that this thing is going to happen. If you observe any issue, you have to check and solve it before the big problem occurs.

As we all know, the motor is a special machine part. If it is not working, the whole working procedure gets disturbed.

4) Power issue

Sometimes there is no serious issue when your fridge is not cooling; a minor issue is happening in the power issue. Like load shedding these days, the refrigerators do not make the cooling good.

This is the issue of almost every person, and you do not get to worry about them if these types of problems occur.

If your refrigerator has this issue, check the power first and then proceed to the next. Sometimes the issue is with the power, and we are thinking that the issue is in the fridge and start checking other components if the power issue is not solved with the opening of the other components.

5) Temperature not setTemperature not set

The cooling of the temperature is not set correctly when your temperature is not set. The temperature always remains good when the setting of the temperature is set correctly, and there is no issue with the temperature.

Sometimes when cooling is outside, you set the low temperature, and suddenly, after a small interval of time, the temperature gets hot, and you do not update the temperature.

And this is the cause of issue for you, as you have many things in it which get worse when the fridge is not making the cooling. Set the temperature, and then the fridge starts making the excellent cooling.

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