How to clean refrigerator water dispenser mold

How to clean refrigerator water dispenser mold. The refrigerator water dispenser is an esthetically good home appliance that provides easy access to cold water.

But, minerals in the water can build up calcium and other factors. A water dispenser is a favorite place for mold to grow because it provides all desired environments to the mold.

If you notice black stuff coming out of the water dispenser, it’s a clear sign that you should clean the water dispenser. Mold in the water is dangerous for health, especially when your drinking water contains some mold out of the dispenser.

Proper cleaning keeps the refrigerator water dispenser clean and free of mold and yeast. Best methods to removing mold from the water dispenser.

How to clean refrigerator water dispenser moldclean refrigerator water dispenser mold

7 Best Methods to clean water dispenser mold Below:

Prepare your water dispenser for cleaning the mold

To the clean refrigerator first, switch off and unplug the socket. Shuffle all the fruits and vegetables to a cold place or plastic bags.

Lock the water dispenser button, otherwise, you may face water spray. And the dispenser may dispense the ice too.

Prepare the components of the cleaning

Prepare a cleaning solution of vinegar and water. Take a spray bottle and fill it with equal parts of water and vinegar.

The best method to get rid of mold from the water dispenser using Vinegar. If you see any calcium build-up take a good cleanser to remove the calcium build-up.

Spray the cleaning solution at the water dispenser

First, identify the area where mold is visible. Spray the vinegar and water solution up the dispenser and all areas with mold.

Take a wet towel paper or any cloth and wipe off the chemical and vinegar.

 Clean the tray

The tray of the dispenser needs to be cleaned after regular intervals. Some trays require a little extra effort to remove and some easily come out.

The trays with the clip need a little strength to open clips, but others which sit in the hole are easy to detach.

Clean the water dispenser / clean the nozzle

Take a look at the dispenser hole where water dispenses. If the mold is not coming off, take a knife and use its dull side to scrap the mold and calcium.

Attach all components back to the refrigerator

After cleaning all components of the refrigerator water dispenser, put them back in their position. Reattach the dispenser tray and water line. Unlock the water button and plug the refrigerator into the socket.

Run water through the dispenser

Once the cleaning process is over, run water through the dispenser. This step helps you to remove any residual vinegar and other cleaning solutions. Take almost one to two cups of water from your dispenser.

Running a cup of water Through the dispenser ensures that all cleaning solution has been rinsed out, and water is drinkable again.


A refrigerator with water dispensers is a great appliance that provides you with fresh water. Moreover, you don’t need a bulky water dispenser. Mold grows quickly in water dispensers and it’s dangerous to drink moldy water.

it’s important to get rid of mold from the dispenser. Keep your water dispenser clean and use household bleach or vinegar to kill the mold.

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