How to tighten refrigerator door handle

How to tighten refrigerator door handle. If the door handle of the refrigerator becomes loose, then it is very terrible because all the cooling in the fridge and refrigerator will escape and stored in it will be spoiled.

Once, my refrigerator’s handle became loose, and all its cooling escaped. First, I tried to tighten the handle with the cord, but it looked very awkward. So I have to tighten the handle by opening its screws and then fixing them properly.

If you are here on this page, then it means you are also facing the issue of the refrigerator door handle. If you have experience, don’t waste your money by hiring a professional. You can also tight the handle in no time. Keep reading this article to learn how to tighten the refrigerator door handle.

How to tighten refrigerator door handletighten refrigerator door handle

It does not often happen that the refrigerator door handle becomes loose, but if you open and close the door frequently to check for something to eat, it will become loose, and as a result, all the cooling will go outside from the fridge or freezer.

If you want to tighten the refrigerator door handle, follow these steps.

Unplug the unit

Make sure to turn off the electricity supply to the refrigerator by pulling out the plug from the socket. When you want to open the panel or repair any electrical appliance, turn off the electricity supply to save yourself from electric shock.

1. Get the screwdriver

Firstly, get a philp screwdriver because you can not tighten the loose screws without this wrench.

2. Open the door of the unit

The next step is to find the screws of the handle. If you want to locate them, open the fridge door and check the screws.

3. Detach the screws of the handle

After locating the screws, now open them with the help of a screwdriver. Now, detach the door handle dorm the door. The door handle will not detach immediately after opening the screws.

It will take some time to separate from the door because there is another screw fixed in the inner side of the handle that works as a flexible joint. You will have to revolve the handle to free the position of the screws.

4. Shove the door upward or downward

If it is a fridge door, you will have to shove it down to detach the handle from the door. On the other hand, shove it upward to separate the handle from the door if it is a freezer door.

5. Remove the dust from the doorRemove the dust from the door

If your refrigerator is new, skip this point, but if your appliance is old, you can not skip this point. You will have to remove the dust by cleaning the door’s surface. With time, debris and dust leak beyond the connection of the handle.

You can clean it by making a soap solution. After making the soapy solution wash the door with it and dry it thoroughly before you tighten the screws of the refrigerator door handle.

6. Place the door handle

It depends on your pocket budget, whether you want to refix the old handle or you want to fix a new handle. Put the handle back in its position and turn it into place till it is aligned with screw holes.

If you have the budget, you can purchase the new screws, but if the budget is tight, you can also fix the old screws. Tight the handle into place from the inner side of the door.

7. Check the doorCheck the door

After tightening the screws, you can check the door by opening and closing the door. It will assure you whether the door handle is tightened or not. It is not difficult to do because you can do it in just ten to twenty minutes.

You can also hire a professional for this task, but if you have the experience of opening the screws, do it yourself to save the money.


The final words in this article are it is not difficult to fix any broken part in the fridge. You can tighten the refrigerator door handle with a Philp head screwdriver.

But, it is necessary not to open or close the door frequently. If you use the refrigerator carefully, there are significantly fewer chances that the door handle will become loose.

How to Tighten Handle on Refrigerator

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