Vizio tv won’t turn on power light fades off

Vizio tv won’t turn on power light fades off. TV has become an essential need of homes; homes are not completed without the TV.

Also, many companies are used to making the best TV, but if you have bought something, it is best from your point of view and your budget because you are a home honor and you know which thing is best.

Here you have VIZIO TV in your home, which is maybe some time old; this TV is not turning on and creating issues. Its power light is on, but the TV is not working. This is a bad thing and disturbs you when you watch TV, and this won’t start and not turn on.

Vizio tv won’t turn on power light fades off
Vizio tv won't turn on

VIZIO TV won’t turn on, and its power light is not turning off. It has a big issue that does not allow this to work.

Many issues are behind the problems, and these are not complete when you try some different methods that are given below. Here are some basic options that are used commonly for troubleshooting.

  • Power issue

There is an issue with the power. The power is not coming from the outlet, and if it is not coming from the outlet, it is also not reaching the TV when electricity is not reaching it.

The TV does not turn on. Check the power and the power source; if power is coming and the power source eliminates the power, then the power reaches the TV and starts working.

Here not only the presence of the power is necessary, but you have to check also the switch is plugged in. If the switch is not plugged, how does the power come into the TV. So please check all the things that are necessary for the thing to work.

  • Try power cycle

A power cycle is the best option for all types of work when your TV faces challenging issues that are not solved quickly. These are very complex issues; if these are not solved, try the power cycle.Try power cycle

The power cycle has the procedure because it is something different, and you are unaware of it. First, you have to turn the TV off, take its switch from the outlet, and place its idol. Now press and hold on to the TV’s power button, hold it for about 10 seconds, and then release the button.

When you release the button and then see the results and give some rest to the TV, if this TV is taking rest then you have to put the cord again to the power and then see, now your problem is solved as this is the best option.

You have to do this if other ideas are not working in the situation, then this technique can solve your problem in just a few seconds.

  • The issue is with the remote

Here the issue is with the remote control. Maybe the remote control is the main issue, and you have to solve this issue. You have to turn the TV off from the remote, but when you are on the TV, the remote creates an issue.The issue is with the remote

So first you have to take the remote and check it also check its batteries and take the batteries out and check them also by changing the battery cells with each other.

If it has an effect then the  TV is turned on by pressing the button but if this is not working then take the batteries and change them with the new one, if you change them then it starts working good.

  • Check the power board

Check the power board and proceed next; the issue with the TV is that the power is not coming to the source you are using. The power board is the main thing.

If the power is not coming from that, it is also not reaching the source, and this source does not start working; always the electrical things start working when you plug them in the proper source if the power source is good.

It supplies the best electricity to the things then they work good, and there is not any chance in them to get worse, but before starting the work you have to check all the sources that these are correct and also clear the issue which is occurring in the way of the problem.

  •  Try the reset method

Another very popular thing you may say is not exactly, but this is probably the same as the power cycle, is the reset method; this method is also known as the factory reset method.

This is very common and used in these types of things that are digital and also electrical, but if they are not working well, then you have to factory reset them and reach the solution to many problems. The resetting method is very easy, do it hurriedly and take the solutions to your problems.

The method for the reset is given; for factory reset, you can use the volume- button and the source button at the same time, hold both buttons, and do not release them hurriedly. Release them after some time which is about 15 or 20 seconds.

This time is enough for the factory reset, and you have to do this procedure the same if the other procedures are not working and not giving you the best solution.

Reset is the best thing, and nothing is the same as this except the power cycle; these are two enough good methods to solve problems. If you do them, there is no need for the other things because these are enough.

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