Hisense TV Not Turning ON

Hisense TV Not Turning ON. If the Hisense TV isn’t turning on, then detach the power cable and look for another wall outlet. Remove the cords and give it a minute to discharge and then plugging it to power on might show you the display. Press the power button for at least 30 seconds.

My Hisense TV wasn’t showing anything, or rather the Hisense didn’t seem to turn on. Then troubleshooting Hisense came to me.

I searched Hisense TV things to check while troubleshooting. I listed the main Hisense not turning problems. Check them out. With these solutions, Hisense is completely fixed.

Read to learn!.

Hisense TV Not Turning ONTV Not Turning ON

Try turning the power button, you may forget to press the Hisense power button. The outlet connected with Hisense may be faulty.

The Remote may not respond because the remote batteries are dead. Unused devices connected through an HDMI port may be hurdles. The power supply board may not work. The backlight is misbehaving.

The power cord or the power adapter isn’t in top condition. Hardware issues may rule the Hisense TV. Resetting the Hisense TV may work. Customer care for Hisense is a great help. Replacing remote or remote batteries may work.

Power problems

Let’s see different Hisense power problems and solve them.

The basic thing is plugging the Hisense power cord. Check if it’s attached order to a wall outlet. If it’s attached, check the wear and tear on the cable. Check if it’s broken or exposed from somewhere.

If it’s broken, join the ends with positive to red and negative to black. Then use tape, so exposed parts wires don’t get watched, and separate the opposite wires as well. If the cors plug is broken, remove it and use a new plug by attaching it to the cord.

When the cable is fine, get to the outlets. Check if the outlet is on. The outlet has a button you need to press to get power. Turn it on. If the outlet is on and still has no power, remove the TV cord and use a tester or a multimeter to check.

If a multimeter detects no power. Check another outlet. If the other outlet doesn’t work, then go to the main board. Check the breakers. Turn the breakers on. If still no power, maybe there is a brownout. Wait for electricity as the authorities clear the broken out. You can also use a UPS.

Device issues

Now the power is coming from the outlet and behind to the Hisense TV. Check the power button of the Hisense TV.

Press the power button. You may have just not turned it on coz you forgot it. The power button needs more pressing because it is damaged. The Power button is broken from the inside and thus pressing it is useless. If the power button is broken or wires inside are detached from it, get it fixed.

The Hisense TV can face configuration problems. You’ll notice it and see that the power is proper, yet not working. The configuration problems show different signs, one of the lights blinking but the TV not turning on.

To clear the configuration issue in Hisense TV, all configuration files of Hisense need to detach from it. Resetting the TV will remove configuration errors.

Detaching the device for 6o seconds and re-plugging it will reset Hisense TV. Holding the power button for 30 or more seconds and leaving the TV without turning it on for half an hour can also reset it and solve configuration issues.

Remote issuesRemote issues

A remote problem is a single problem when Hisense isn’t powering on. The device won’t misbehave when the remote is fine. Check the device after turning and plugging it on. In other words, ready the device for function.

If all the above cord and power issues are not the problem, then look for the light on the Hisense TV. If the light on Hisense is working but the display is off. Press the remote power button and wait for the Hisense display. It’ll power immediately.

If the remote doesn’t power on the Hisense TV, then the remote batteries aren’t working. The batteries in the remote die with time, replace the Hisense remote batteries, and then try powering Hisense TV on. If the remote has any other issues, replace the Hisense remote with the matching model.

How to Fix Your Hisense TV That Won’t Turn On

The last word

The problem of Hisense not turning on can be big. Though trying the basics, TV-solving tricks like powering and resetting is a great start. The tricks won’t worsen the Hisense TV issues. Replacing the parts and getting help from the Hisense store will solve and turn the TV on.

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