How to switch from directv to antenna

How to switch from directv to antenna. The reviver and the TV need to be disconnected. Then place the receiver near the TV. Now keep turning the connector and make it tight.

Now power on and through the menu and change the settings. Select the antenna settings and go search for channels and then you’ll see the display.

I was using DIRECTV, but I wanted to use an antenna to check other channels. I didn’t know the antenna settings. I called the support team, and they helped me set up my antenna.

It wasn’t hard but still consumed time. I watched the show I wanted and thanked them. Customer care isn’t always fast and it’ll take time talking to them. I wrote the steps to set up the antenna and enjoy your channels.

Keep reading!.

How to switch from directv to antenna

How to switch from directv to antenna

The DIRECTV comes with a receiver with a special port for the antenna. This antenna and port allow the connection to the local channels. You can almost connect to all the signals in the nearby area.

Any coaxial cabled antenna can be connected to the port. The receiver and television can then be turned off.

Connect the receiver to the TV or put the receiver near the TV. Then the connection is done by tightening the connector with the fingers. Then you power on the receiver and the TV.

After that, you go to the many and open settings for the antenna. You may adjust the settings and the antenna according to your preferences, so read on.

Powering off

The first antenna installation process involves cutting and removing all the power supplies. You need to disconnect the power cords of both the receiver and the TV.

Now face the receiver in the direction of the TV and in the opposite direction of your face. Do not hastily put it. Detach the wires and power them off. You may get shocked while connecting the wires if the power is on.

Connecting the antenna

Place the receiver not too distant from the TV. Lesser distance will allow them to connect easily. This is because the cable may be short. There is an OFF-AIR In port labeling it on the back side of the receiver.

An external digital antenna can also be used in the device. In the antenna manual, you will see techniques to attach the cables and other mounting methods.

Now take the coaxial cable out through the window or the door. If it’s already outside, then bring it inside to connect to the receiver. Now tighten the connector using your fingers.

The aerials of the antenna provide a better signal when faced in the direction of the door or an open window. So place them in such direction. You will get maximum signals that way.

Antenna settings

Antenna settings

Now for internal antenna settings, power the receiver and the TV by plugging their removed cords and turning the power on.Now press the menu button on your TV’s remote.

On your TV screen, a menu dialogue window will display. Now navigate and look through the settings using the arrow keys of the remote. You will see it on the menu.

Move to the settings option and select it by using the select key. Now, in settings, move up and down and look for setup options.

Scroll and you’ll find it. Take the pointer to the setup option and press the select key like before to select the setup option.

After that, look for the Sat & Ant option, and select it with the select key. In Sat & Ant, look for an antenna setup. Select the Antenna setup to proceed. You’ll see the option indicating local networks, select it.

Select the channel you want to watch through the on-screen prompt. Go to the Scan for channels option. There, select the scanning option. You will see the DIRECTV guide being displayed.


You can select the antenna options through the menu and wander through using your remote.

By selecting the correct options and setting the cables by plugging in correctly, you’ll be able to see the required antenna channels in the area. Read the DIRECTV guide to have more options.

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