Hanging projector screen from ceiling

Hanging projector screen from ceiling. The projectors usually hang on the walls or near the ceiling but here you want to hang them from the ceiling.

You want to place the projector on the wall but with the support of the ceiling, it does not use the support from the wall because you should use some screws for the installation of the frame in the wall.

You want to hang the projector on the ceiling, not on the wall studs. Beams are fitted in the ceilings and they easily take the weight of the projector and allow it to hang.

Hanging projector screen from ceilingHanging projector screen from ceiling 2022

Anything that you want to do always requires a procedure and following this procedure you can come to complete your work. Some tools required to complete the procedure are that you have to use a ladder as the ceiling is on height and you do not reach without the ladder.

Measuring tape for measuring, a detector used for the detection in the ceiling joists, brackets extensions but this thing depends on you whether you want it or not. Some steps of procedure help you about your work and these are given as.

1. Measure width

The very first thing for the hanging of the projector is the width of the projector because the width is the thing on which the hanging completely depends.

First, you have to measure the width as the width adjusts in the ceiling for the hanging. According to the width of the projector, you can decide to separate the joist on which you place the projector.

2. Use a ladder

You have to use some tools, here is the ladder that you should use to reach the height. Mostly the ladder is used for any work that is related to the ceiling. The ladder closes you to the ceiling and you can easily measure the width of the ceiling and match them both.

3. Detect ceiling joists

Some detectors are used to detect the ceiling joists, you should use this detector for the detection of the ceiling joist by running it on the ceiling.

The detection of the ceiling joists is important as when they are detected so you can go through them and start separating them for the placement and adjustment and hanging of the projector in the ceiling.

4. Check marks are parallel

You have to check the marks that you mark on the ceiling for the adjustment of the projector so ere you should have a laser level which is used for the detection of the marks and this is the best detector for you which detects completely and best.

This is used to check whether the marks are parallel or not. Is there any issue with them in parallel? If not then it is good but if there is an issue do you have to resolve that issue.

5. Put frame in joists

You have to put the frame or the brackets in the joists and when you place them you should use the marker here also to mark the signs, mark this area where you are working and also check that from where the screws get in and how many screws are used in this purpose. Marks are good as when you mark then you can work easily next. Marks are the best indication forever to the best work.

6. Screw the bracketsScrew the brackets

Now when brackets or the frames are placed and you marked all the things completely. You have to screw these brackets now for their placement and hang them on the ceilings.

Screws are the necessary part for the hanging if the brackets are not screwed then they are not good to hang for a long time, it can fall due to the heavy weight of the projector.

7. Insert the screen and adjust it properly

Now place the projector screen in that place which you have prepared for the projector screen. Place and also adjust it properly as it does not disturbs.

After placing when you start streaming on the projector if you observe that the projector is on to height then you can reduce its height by extension brackets.

Extension brackets are used to less the height and arrange the projector at the eight which you want for you. Where you are comfortable in watching the projector screen which is streaming on it.

How to Hang a projector screen on ceiling in studs

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