Spotify Stops After 10 Seconds

Spotify Stops After 10 Seconds. Spotify may stop after running 1o seconds as the app may be outdated. The Spotify app gets a lot of updates because new music is released almost every day. Insufficient storage in the smartphone leads to the Spotify app closing. Not a suitable version of OS can cause it.

Being a music lover, I use Spotify a lot. I was ready to listen to Ed Sheeran, but when I opened my app, it suddenly closed after 10 sec. I thought maybe I tapped at the wrong place and turned the app on again, but the same thing happen.

I opened the Spotify app multiple times but didn’t work. I asked my phone expert friend, and he told me about the problems with the Spotify app’s 10-second closure. I fixed the Spotify issue with his help.

Keep reading to learn!.

Spotify Stops After 10 SecondsSpotify Stops After 10 Seconds 2022

Spotify contains the best music collection. That’s why Spotify is my favorite music app. Spotify has the latest music trends and new releases at first-rate.

I use the Spotify premium account and it’s amazing. But tell me what you’ll feel if the Spotify app that you love would close on its own after 10 seconds.

I learned the Spotify app closes because of updates. The error may be phone firmware. It may not support the update and thus the Spotify closes.

Memory full or low storage space can make Spotify misbehave. Bad internet causes Spotify problems too. Your Spotify account problems also play a part in Spotify closing.

Internet access

Spotify works online. You can download the songs offline in the Spotify app but sometimes it needs an internet connection to load. Your internet connection can be slow and so Spotify closes. You may not have internet access because the data ran out. Wi-Fi connection slows the app, so it closes.

Set the internet connection by rebooting the router. Use data if Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Check the speed and try opening the app again. Try already downloading the song and if it doesn’t work, then go to Spotify settings and log out.

If the app is turning off, just uninstall the Spotify app and then reinstall Spotify from the store. You don’t have an internet issue so sign in to the account and it’ll probably be fixed.

Storage issue

All apps on the device need memory and storage space to run. If the storage and the memory are full, Spotify will close on its own. If the ram is full, just clear the memory and then start the app. It’ll probably work.

If the storage space is full, then removing some apps and clearing the cache will let you have some space for the app to function. Delete the apps that you don’t use. Reset the device and install the app again and then the Spotify will work.

Down app version

App updates come on iOS and on the play store for android. Sometimes the bugs in Spotify do not let it stay on.

The update becomes necessary. If the app is outdated, the latest version of the app may work for you. Simply update the Spotify app from the designated store.

Incompatible software version

The software version is important. Spotify doesn’t support the old software version or Spotify isn’t supported in the old android versions. Both being case updates of Spotify can only be used in the latest version of OS.

So updating the OS will solve the problem for us. If a software update isn’t available, then you won’t be able to run it on the device.

Account issue

Accounts are necessary for use in the Spotify app. If you use the wrong account, the app can close. Login with a correct account and you’ll be able to access it.

If your access time to the Spotify account is finished and you haven’t paid the Spotify subscription fee, the app will close. To gain Spotify access again, pay the subscription fee or use another account to log in.

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The last word

If the Spotify app closes after 10 seconds, check the internet access. Check if the phone memory is full or if the storage space ran out. Use the right account and a good device to use Spotify. Read it. Spotify closing after 10 seconds issue is completely solved.

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