How To Stream Switch Without Capture Card

How To Stream Switch Without Capture Card. Streaming without a capture card requires a laptop or a smart device. An output port is needed to connect the streaming device with the laptop. Then stream and you will see the streaming on the laptop screen. You can use an Xbox with an LCD as well.

After being inspired by online streamers, I decided to stream while gaming as well. Streaming while gaming is a trend and thus I wanted to try it. But I didn’t know how to stream switch without using a capture card.

I wanted to stream with my Nintendo switch so I searched and asked online YouTubers for tips. The streamers generously helped me. I wrote about streaming without a capture card so you can set it for a new start. You can check my channel AlphaMane for steaming.

Read to learn!.

How To Stream Switch Without Capture CardStream Switch Without Capture Card

Nintendo Switch is popular for its relaxing and easy use. Though the down point of Switch is that you need a capture card. And even with the capture card, you can not directly stream from the device.

A streaming problem for YouTubers is the worst. With a capture card, you can simply plug it, and then with card software, you can change the settings.

Capture cards are expensive, so streaming without them is a great way to save money. YOu can use Xbox and laptops for streaming online. The ways to stream switch without the use of any capture cards are below.

Using Xbox

Streaming with Xbox on platforms such as YouTube does not require a capture card. You can play and say at the same time.

Linking devices together

Start with a base position as you plug the Nintendo switch there. Connect the Nintendo Switch to the Xbox. An HDMI cable will be able to link the Xbox and Nintendo Switch together. Connect the Xbox to an LCD, using the PC LCD for display with Xbox is a good idea.

You’ll just need to connect the VGA cable with Xbox and the LCD. Look for OneGuide in the Xbox menu or home. Launch it as you turn the Nintendo switch on.

Connecting Wi-FiConnecting Wi-Fi

Connect the computer, the Xbox, and the Nintendo switch to the same Wi-Fi.

You can connect the Xbox and the PC directly to the router with an Ethernet cable and this will provide a better internet connection. Connecting to the same router if no Ethernet is necessary.

Application launch

Now through the start menu on your PC. Open the Xbox application pre-installed on the PC. Download the Xbox application if it isn’t already installed.

You can download it for free on the Microsoft store or download it through google. Download the OBS application on the PC. Once downloaded, launch the OBS application and get ready for streaming online.

Streamlabs application

Streamlabs is a common streaming tool. This app allows the streamers to look at the viewers and their comments simultaneously. Streamlabs app is easily usable on various OSs. It’s free and you can go live on FB and other streaming places at a time.

Streamlabs downloading

Let’s start and download Streamlabs on the phone. Streamlabs will be at the top. Just simply select Streamlabs and download it. Open the Streamlabs app and then input your FB or YouTube id to go to the platform you want to stream on.

On your camera by enabling it and then also do the same with the microphone. Check both the camera and microphone to see if they are on. Otherwise, you’ll just be doing nothing.

Widget settings

Select a widget that you think is good and then press next. Do this step once so you’ll only see widgets on the screen. The widgets appear when you are streaming to show you the stream details. Set the widget where you want it and adjust it there.

It’s better on the side. You can add designs and different texts on the stream with Streamlabs. Now select alert profiles as you return to the home screen. Just tick it on if you see it’s off. Usually, it’s on by default.

Setting quality

Now tap broadcast. set the resolution(720p is recommended). The frame rate should be 30. The max video bitrate at the time should be 2500p. These are recommended for normal internet. Set higher if you have a better connection.

Camera adjustment

Now set the phone and Nintendo device on a standard location. Set the brightness level to max and adjust both positions. Now if you are too far, zoom in a bit for better performance.

The last word

Connecting with a capture card is good for quality, but spending that much without earning anything is not a good idea. Start by streaming using the application or using Xbox. There isn’t any extra expense in using them. The quality isn’t bad either so try.

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