Slow draining kitchen sink not clogged

Slow draining kitchen sink not clogged. Sometimes the kitchen sink is slow down in draining water and it happens due to many reasons because we wash the dishes which have grease on them which may cause any type of blockage in the drain or in the pipes.

There will be another reason behind the blockage in the drain if there is any food piece stuck in the pipe that may cause the blockage in the drain or in the pipes.

Sometimes there is a problem with the pipes which block the drain and there are many solutions to get rid of this problem.

Slow draining kitchen sink not cloggedkitchen sink not clogged

There are many solutions to get rid of this problem easily these solutions are as follows:

1: Dish soap and hot water

As we know that due to washing the dishes there are a large amount of grease and oil particles that are stuck to the drain and by putting hot water you can easily wash your pipes and also help to remove the grease and oil particles from the drain.

And by putting the dish soap will clean the drain fully and there will be no blockage left in your drain. Because the cold water is not that necessary as the hot water and hot water work more fast and quick and is very useful to be used.

The process of using this thing is very simple and easy first you have to hot the water and put two to three spoons of the dish soap and let it boil for one min then pore the hole of hot water into the drain and repeat this procedure two to three times and it will clear all your blockage which happens due to grease or oil will be clear.

2: Vinegar with Baking soda

There is another way to solve your problem and get rid of it easily you have to use baking soda and vinegar because it is very easily available in your house. It is also very useful to use and its method is also very easy.

The vinegar and baking soda are very useful to clean anything easily and it is also very beneficial for solving any type of blockage in the pipes. The vinegar and baking soda work very fast and are very helpful to be used.

The procedure to solve the problem with the help of baking soda and vinegar is you have to hot the water in the kettle and then pour it into the drain then you have to mix the baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the drain also then and put the hot water.

The drain which will help the baking soda and vinegar to spread fully into the drain and left it for at least 10 min then again pour the hot water to 2 to 3 times which will help to clear all the blockage.

4: Garbage disposalGarbage disposal

Another reason behind the blockage of slow of the drain might be the garbage disposal.

If you have garbage disposal under your drain it will be the reason behind the slow of the drain because the garbage may cause the blockage and there are many solutions to get solve the problem.

In this process you have to pour the hot water into the garbage disposal and pour three to four jugs after many hours it will help to remove any type of garbage that is stuck to the drain will be easily removed because the hot water helps any type of garbage to easily get down from the drain.

5: Plunge

The plunge is the tool that will help to unclog the drain or help to remove anything which is maybe stuck in your drain. The plunge and easily go inside the drain are very useful to remove any type of hard or soft thing within a min.

There are two types of plunges one is a Flat-bottomed plunge and the other is a bell-shaped plunge. A flat-bottomed plunge is used for the drain in the kitchen and a bell-shaped drain is used for the toilets and bathrooms drain.

6: Drain snaking

Snaking the drain is also a very easy method to be used in only the plastic pipes use cannot use them in steel pipes because it will damage the pipe.

The snaking drain machine is the same as the drill machine but there is the spring type material in the front which can easily get into the drain and help to remove the particles from the drain easily before using the snaking machine you have to make sure to put the pipe of the drain down from the P-trap.


There are many easy get rid of the slow drain and these which are given to you in the above statement are very useful and are easy to solve the problem or any type of the blockage into the drain. Sometimes there is a very big problem in the drain which may cause the blockage and slow down the water and you cannot get rid of it by using these methods you only need to concern it with the plumber.

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