No water coming out of hot water side of faucet

No water coming out of hot water side of faucet. In winter you need hot water to wash the utensils in the kitchen and take bath. If you open the hot water faucet and no water comes out of the hot water side of the tap then it is a thing to worry about.

In cold weather due to snowfall water in the hoses freezes due to which it is not possible for water to flow at full speed. If the water is still not coming out of the hot side then maybe it has an issue in the tap washer. It is damaged or broken.

If you do not recognize the problem then the last option is to hire a certified plumber who can inspect it deeply and fix the hot water faucet.

No water coming out of hot water side of faucet

If hot water is not coming from the faucet then it’s very worst and disturb all the routine in the home because you can not wash the dishes and take bath with cold water in the winter.

The flow of water depends upon the pipes, taps, and faucets. As they work all the day so they can wear out due to a lot of usage and water stops coming out.

Some of the main reasons for no water coming out of hot water side of the faucet are these.

Water valve is closed off

A water valve is installed in the pipes to manage the flow of cold and water. If anybody in the home closed the valve of hot water then the water will not come in the faucet.

Inspect other taps

If water is not coming out from the hot water tap of the shower then inspect other faucets in the kitchen and bathroom to see that either water is coming out of them or just one faucet is faulty.

In this way, you will ensure that the supply of water is interrupted from which part of the pipe.

Water pipes are frozen

In very cold weather sometimes the water in the pipes freezes due to which the flow of water stops in the pipes.

You can use a hairdryer, fire lamp, or candle to melt the frozen water in the pipe. Water will starts flowing again from the hot side as the ice will melt inside the pipe.

Check the water heater

Sometimes it happens that water is coming from the cold water and hot water is not coming in the sink or shower then maybe it is the fault of the water heater.

If the problem is in the boiler then it has many reasons behind it like faulty heating elements or sediments in the water.

The power connection is off

If there is no power supply to the water heater then it will not warm the water. At times, there is power in the home but the circuit breaker of the boiler is tripped and you don’t know this issue.

You will refix the power connection of the water heater so that it starts to heat up the water again.

Examine the leakages in the pipe

In the worst scenario, if the hot water pipe in the wall is leaking water then you will not get water from the faucet. Leaking pipes decrease or stop the pressure of water.

Rust in the tap

It is also another reason for the blockage of water. With the wear and tear tap is rusted due to the erosion.

If you see the rust on the outside of the faucet then it is definitely on the inner side due to which water is not coming in full flow.

You will have to replace the rusted faucet to get hot water.


If no water is coming from the hot tap then first try the repair it by yourself by following the above options. If you can not find the solution then it is better to contact a certified plumber to fix the problem.

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