Shark brush roll indicator green but not spinning

Shark brush roll indicator green but not spinning. The shark vacuum brush is not spinning; this machine is used to clean carpets, sofas, and other fabrics made in your home. If the machine is not spinning, ensure it does not suffer from any problem.

The parts in the vacuum brush may be damaged; the belt may be broken, dust may enter it, dirty filters, and other problems. Mostly this device is used for cleaning carpets and similar surfaces.

It has a green light that indicates the machine is powered on. If this light is on, but the vacuum is not working, you have to solve this problem.

Shark brush roll indicator green but not spinning
Shark brush roll indicator

The shark brush roll’s indicator flashes green, but it is not spinning; it is suffering from some problem, and if you are searching for these problems and solutions, you are in the right place. I can tell you about both problems and solutions:

The belt is damaged

A broken belt is an issue; it is an essential part of spinning the brush. If the belt is not in good condition, it cannot spin the brush. The broken or tired belt did not spin the brush completely. If the belt is broken, there is no chance for the vacuum to spin.

This belt is also known as a drive belt; it is used near the motor, and the belt will be damaged if the vacuum gets overheated. This belt is necessary for your vacuum brush’s good working and functionality. A motor is nothing without a belt.


If your belt gets damaged, you have to replace the belt with a new one. New Shark model belts are available easily in the market. Repair the belt as soon as possible because the motor does not work without a belt.

If the belt does not allow the spinner, the spinner does not start working, In this situation, the roll indicator light is powered on, but the brush roll does not work.

Dirty filtersDirty filters

The dirty filters could be the issue; you must check the filters you are using. Filters are also a very important part of the machine.

If filters are not cleaned, this causes a clog in the brush roll. Dirty filters always create issues; if you hold these issues soon, they will not become complex.


The solution is to clean the filters; filters are under the dust cup, take this cup out and remove these filters. Clean filters after some days or after one month.

This cleaning is necessary because this dust can be very bad and affect the filters badly. If you want that your filters remain good and keep working, you have to clean them from time to time and protect them from damage.

The switch is not plugged well

The device’s switch is not plugged well, which means that the issue is with plugging the switch into the outlet. Whenever you place the switch, please plug it properly in the outlet as it does not create any issues; many issues occur due to the wrong plugging of the device into the outlet.


Switch that you are using, plug it in well, and notice that it does not get disturbed. The disturbed switch is not able to work. Place the switch and notice that it is inserted properly and it starts working when you turn the button on the outlet.

Sometimes due to some reason we just place the switch and do not notice whether it is entered or not and turn the machine on and start working from it. Next time be careful about the switch and plug it well.

Blockage in the brush rollBlockage in the brush roll

The blockage in the brush is a big issue in spinning, if your vacuum is not spinning, check whether there is any block in the brush roll. If the brush roll is blocked it does not spin, two types of blockages can occur in the working.

One is the blockage due to dust and the other ugly material, another blockage is due to thread and hairs. Dust blockage can be cleared easily but the blockage comes due to the hairs and threads being a bit difficult.


Clear all the blockages which are in the brush roll whether these are dust blockage or the blockage due to threads and hairs.

Clean the clogged brush, if you clean the brush, then it starts working otherwise this gets to stop and does not spin. If you want your vacuum to spin, then notice the blockages at the proper time and clear these blockages.

Check vacuum working

Now when you try to sort out the above things, check the vacuum whether it is working or not. If you have cleared all blockages, plugged the switch properly, clean the filters and clear the damage to the belt.

Hope so your problem is solved, which means that now not just the green light is powered on but the brush roll starts spinning, if it is still not working, it indicates that the problem is not solved and you still have to try to sort out the problem.

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