Dyson vacuum suction motor not working

Dyson vacuum suction motor not working. The Dyson vacuum is one of the greatest appliances, that made cleaning the house an easy job. Dyson vacuum cleaner is most famous among many homeowners.

It helps to pick dirt and dust from your carpets and floors. There are two types of Dysons vacuum cordless and corded vacuum. Dyson vacuum has a great powerful suction motor that is durable and helps in easy cleaning.

The cordless Dyson vacuum model has a digital motor, with a motherboard that controls all functions. The corded models contain a simple suction motor that is powerful too to get the job done.

But with time, the suction motor stops working. We are going to discuss all possible reasons for the problem.

Dyson vacuum suction motor not workingwhy Dyson vacuum suction motor not working

Dyson vacuum suction motor may not work due to several reasons. There might be no power in the socket, or the machine has an airflow blockage. Motherboard failure and total motor failure are also among the strong reasons. To fix the issue, check the socket for the power supply and check the motherboard /motor for any burnt signs.

Four major causes of the Dyson vacuum suction motor not working

Power problems/ check the socket

If the suction motor is not working the first possible reason can be the incoming power failure problems. There are two types of Dyson vacuums, one is corded and the other is the cordless vacuum.

The corded Dyson vacuum needs a direct power supply from the wall socket. The cordless Dyson vacuum has a battery that supplies power to the suction motor.

So, there can be a problem with the power supply, either the wall socket has no power or the battery is not fully charged.

Easy steps to fix electric power problem.

  • The first step is to inspect the wall socket for power. Check if the socket has an electric current supply.
  • Plug another device or appliance and check if the socket is working. Or you can try plugging your Dyson vacuum into another socket to confirm the socket status.
  • Check the cordless Dyson vacuum charger for any damage.
  • To check the cordless vacuum, check the battery is fully charged, plug it into another socket, and leave it for 3 hours to charge.

If the power supply is working and the battery of the cordless Dyson vacuum’s battery is charged. But still, the suction motor is not working, check the next step for another reason.

Check for any blockage / Airflow Problems

One of the strong causes of your Dyson vacuum suction motor is not working could be the blockage of an airflow problem.

when there are blockage or airflow problems can cause the temperature to rise, and the suction motor won’t work due to overheating.

Blockage occurs due to debris and dirt, even sometimes vacuum may suck the fabric object like a piece of cloth.

These fabric objects trigger the suction problem or blockage of airflow. As a result overheating occurs, and the Dyson vacuum will stop the suction motor from working.

Steps to fix airflow problem.

  • Unplug your Dyson vacuum from the wall socket to fix the airflow blockage.
  • Detach the powerhead, hose, and wand of the vacuum.
  • Clean all parts and check for any debris and blockages, clear all blockages.
  • Empty the bin, it’s better to deep clean the vacuum bin. Because a full bin can also cause the suction problem and airflow gets blocked.
  • Once you have emptied the bin, wait for an hour to cool down the machine. Because after overheating the vacuum needs a rest period to cool down.

A faulty Digital motor Motherboard

The cordless models have a motherboard for the suction motor that improves the performance of the vacuum. If the digital moto motherboard gets faulty, the suction motor will not work.

The motherboard is an important component of digital motors, and it controls all functions of the suction motor. If any of the electronic components of the motherboard gets faulty, the suction motor is not likely to operate.

Excessive use of the vacuum and wear and tear can affect the motherboard, even too much exposure to heat can cause the motherboard to faulty.

Can we fix the faulty motherboard of the digital motor?

It’s not possible to change the motherboard, indeed you need to get a new digital motor if the motherboard is damaged or faulty. Purchase a new suction motor as per the model and specifications of your Dyson vacuum.

Check if the suction Motor failed

Motor failure could be the worst reason why the Dyson vacuums suction motor is not operating. The Suction motor may fail if your Dyson vacuum is facing overheating and you are using it roughly.

The users who use their Dyson vacuum for long times the suction motor gets total failure. If the motor failed, the vacuum gives a strong burning smell.

Solution:  if the motor is failed, identify your Dyson vacuum whether it’s a corded or cordless vacuum.

For the cordless models, you have to purchase the main body unit, with a digital motor and motherboard. In the case of a corded vacuum, you can get the suction motor for your Dyson.


There are several causes your Dyson vacuum suction motor can fail. Troubleshoot by checking the socket and components of the motor. Avoid excessive and long use of the vacuum cleaner. Proper check while using the Dyson vacuum, it should not pick any fiber such as socks. Check the bin before using the Dyson vacuum machine. Always keep a proper check and balance before using the Dyson vacuum.

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