Refrigerator Freezing Food On Lowest Setting

Refrigerator Freezing Food On Lowest Setting. An excessive amount of cold air may be entering the refrigerator as the freezer is too cold. The food in the fridge isn’t enough, even at the lowest temperature, to dissolve it. The air may not be circulating from the vent properly. The condenser coils are unwell.

I set my fridge on the lowest level because I thought the temperature at the lowest was enough. The juice I put in my fridge when I took it out was completely frozen.

I scratched my head as I remembered that I put the juice in the fridge and not in the freezer. I checked the juice again for surety and it was frozen in the fridge.

I checked other things and found out everything was frozen and chills were coming from the fridge like the freezer. I looked thoroughly and discovered why my fridge was freezing. I fixed it.

Read to learn!

Refrigerator Freezing Food On Lowest SettingRefrigerator Freezing Food

Having your juice frozen is okay, but having your food that can’t even be warmed just because it goes bad is a scam. Having frozen food in the fridge isn’t fun at all. The fridge is just for cooling and not freezing the food.

Frozen food in the fridge makes it very annoying. Waiting for it to melt so you can eat it is a tiring part. Why the food freeze and especially when the temperature of the fridge was at the lowest point.

The basic freezing in the fridge is because of the condenser coils. Too cold a freeze may send cold air, causing the food in the fridge to freeze as well.

A thermostat controls the set temperature in the fridge and the freezer. Disfunction sets the temperatures improperly. Improper circulation can freeze the food in the fridge too.


Misinterpretation here isn’t a very big problem. People always make mistakes even in the fridge. It may be because of a lack of fridge knowledge or just a random misconception.

We are talking about the wrong temperature setting by the user. The fridge you think you have set on the lowest level may be on the highest level. YOu may have a misconception about the numbers present on the settings or the digital settings.

Zero is the lowest number in general, but when it comes to cooling, zero is the coldest temperature setting and is considered to be the highest temperature in the freezing perspective.

You may have set the temperature at zero thinking that the temperature is at the lowest and then when you see freezing you get surprised. Simply set the temperatures to the biggest number to set the cooling level to the lowest version present in the fridge and it won’t freeze things.

Condensor coilsCondensor coils

Condenser coils are responsible for circulating the cooling gas. The cooling gas is what makes the inside if the fridge cool as it travels through the coil inside and out. The coils are usually at the back of the fridge or the underside.

The coils are affected by dust and debris. The dust and debris get attached to them because of their location.

The debris and dust interfere with the cooling process of the coil and they result in the freezing of food because of uneven temperatures.

The cooling of frozen food can be set by cleaning the dust on the coils. The grill at the bottom comes off with a tug very easily. Turn off the fridge and check the coils.

Use a brush to reach the dust and debris to clean. Having a vacuum cleaner to remove debris is much faster.


The thermostat is responsible for the fridge’s temperature control. The temperature set at the lowest is recognized by the other,ostat, and then stored to set the temperature.

The thermostat keeps the temperature in check so it won’t get lower or higher than the one set by the user. A thermostat stops when the set temperature is reached. The thermostat turning off helps the fridge remain at the set temperature and not get too cooled.

The thermostat not switching off, when the temperature required by the fridge is reached, can make the temperature cooler, and the cooler the temperature the more chances of the food freezing in the fridge.

This happens when the thermostat is faulty and fails to switch off. The fail of the thermostat inevitably increases the temperature or in the freezing term lowers the temperature to the freezing point and the food freezes. If the thermostat is freezing the food, replace it.

The last word

Having a freezing refrigerator when you just need cooling is annoying. The problem with the fridge is inevitable.

But fixing the freezing temperature to normal when you have set it properly is possible. Check the temperature and the coils at first and then the thermostat too.

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