No p trap in shower drain

No p trap in shower drain. A P-trap in the shower drain is very important; without a p-trap, the drain is nothing. It would help if you had a p-trap in your shower drain; this is used to prevent the home from many odors.

This is the main part of the shower drain; if this trap is not in your shower drain, this is not good for you, but it is also not good for your shower. Also, this can harm your shower lines and creates a huge issue.

This is not good. If you do not have the p-trap, you should search for the solution for this when the p-trap is missing. These traps are curved in shape and used in almost every type of shower drain. These are necessary; without these, the work is not possible.

No p trap in shower drainshower drain

If the thing is necessary, then if the main thing is not present at the moment, you have to replace it, or you can also use its alternative. Because without a p-trap, the shower is not working correctly.

And it would help if you made the shower work well, so use the alternative of the p-trap.

Alternatives are not only used for the draining of water but this is also used for the draining of the garbage that is the cause of the smell. Some alternatives are used when you do not have the p-trap are given below:

Grease trap

The alternative use for the shower drain is the grease trap, which separates the grease and water; this does not allow any grease-type material to clog the pipe and create an issue of clog in the pipe.

This best trap is an alternative as the grease rap works similarly. It does not allow it to create a mess; if the mess is created, then it may be the cause of the smell, and this smell is bad, so you have to install the grease trap.

These are ordinary things you can do on your own, but some people consult professionals and plumbers. There is no need to pay them and take work from them. As this work is easy, you can do it independently.

You can install the grease trap on your own. A grease trap is the best alternative to the p-trap, which is proved by an experiment.

Bottle shape trapBottle shape trap

Another trap is the same as the bottle; you can use this trap as an alternative to the p-trap. This trap is similar, primarily working to the p-trap, as from its name, you can idea that these are in the bottle shape.

They take less space under the sinks and basins, which are most commonly used. These are very good as they do not take space; an advantage of the trap is that it does not take more space; this feature is unique and has many small numbers of products.

Bottle traps have the best system for testing the drain, avoiding the garbage, and allowing it to take off. This is the best from the grease as the grease trap may separate the things but take more space for its adjustment, and the bottle trap takes less space and can easily adjust in a small area.

Bottle trap has a significant advantage in that it uses filters to make the drainage clean and avoid the smell that is bad for you.

HEPVO valve

This valve is the valve that is used as the alternate to the p-trap. HEPVO is the waterless valve used in the shower drains to drain them well. This valve has a mechanism that you can use this valve as the cleaner in the drain.

It is waterless. It just caught the garbage and took this away from the valve. This does not allow the garbage to stay and create the smell or the other issue. These are very best in their size and work both. You can use them as an alternative to the p-trap.

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