Shower drain leaking through ceiling

Shower drain leaking through ceiling. Sometimes there is some problem in the o-ring or the o-ring is damaged through which the shower drain starts leaking.

This type of leakage is very common. Sometimes it happens when the water pipe is broken or loose and they also have any problem with the washers of the drain.

And there is the other reason that might there be any type of blockage in the drain and the drain start leaking.

Shower drain leaking through ceilingShower drain leaking through ceiling 2022

There are many reasons behind the leaking. The leaking may occur due to any problem in your pipes or in your drain which is the reason why the leaking occurs. And some reasons are as follows:

  • The broking water pipe

When the water pipe is broken the water starts dripping from the pipe it does not start leaking from the drain.

And the reason behind the leaking must occur when any person starts the shower at first you will notice some moisture and then the shower will start leaking.

And if the pipe is broken inside the wall there will be water spots on your wall where the pipe will be located. This means the reason behind the leaking is a broken pipe.

  • The damage to shower tiles

Everybody uses tiles for decoration purposes and they are used to waterproof the shower area so u have to make sure that there will be no water seeping under them.

So that they will not get any crack on them or also make sure that their grout lines also not get damaged.

And if you saw any water stain on them and slowly it starts to expand that means that the water is starting to soak in the ceiling under the tiles.

  • The drip of faucetsThe drip of faucets

Sometimes the faucets also start dripping and may cause the faultier than you expect and there will be leaking in your wall inside in some cases you may need the help of the plumber to fix it and sometimes there will be less leaking.

That you can solve it by yourself and you only need to replace the gasket in it which will be easy to be replaced if there is less leaking in pipes.

  • The imperfect joints

In the case when you are messy in taking the shower and love to spray the whole bathroom for the cleaning is not a good idea to do because sometimes the joint where the shower and flooring are attacked may have some crack in it.

Where the water will be infiltrating and will wet the floor and may cause the water to leak from the ceilings.

  • They clog drains

There is the main only one and the main reason is that if the clogged drain the water and the water start to overflow.

It will cause the leaking from the ceiling and if you see any type of water spots in a different area of the wall of the bathroom or where the water pipes are fixed it means there will be any problem in the clogged drain and you have to contact with the plumber instantly because it will cause more problem if you don’t call the plumber on time.

  • The broken wax ring

Sometimes the reason behind the water leaking from the ceiling might be the toilet because if the water sealing is weak or broken.

It will cause the water to overflow from the toilet and it will also affect the flush because your flush will be leak all the time and cause the ceiling leaking and you have to fixe it immediately.


These are some of the reasons behind the leaking from the ceiling and there are the reasons through which you will know that your ceiling might be caught the leaking sooner or later if you have any of the problems from the above statements and steps you have to concern with the good plumber quickly to get rid of it.

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