How to clean a showerhead with vinegar

How to clean a showerhead with vinegar. When your showerhead troubles the dust, mold, or hard water it stuck and does not work properly.  Another reason is that the rust in it when these situations occur results in blockages or don’t allow the water to flow from it for a long time.

When your showerhead has crust in it you should be worried about this because it results in blockages and not only slows down the process of water coming but it fully stopped the water coming inside.

Your showerhead for a long time in this situation makes you frustrated and annoyed. keep your showerhead clean then it works properly as you want.

The cause of blockage of the showerhead is also the dust water which is not cleaned mainly in villages or those areas that have not to use the water supply water. The peoples who use their water has the problem of the soily water.

In villages when there is the situation of rain the homes that have their boring in the fresh soil mainly face this problem because fresh soil is not too hard that don’t allow the water this soil is fresh and it may allow the water to pass through it.

How to clean a showerhead with vinegar

The process of cleaning the showerhead is that:

Remove the Showerhead

First of all, remove the showerhead. you can remove the showerhead by using a wrench or the other tools use to open some things. If you don’t have any tool for opening it, you twist it in the anticlockwise direction.

This direction opens all the things that are in a twisted form. If you try a lot but you could not open the showerhead you can use an old cloth which is like the rug you use in twisting if-then it is not opened you can use a wrench to remove it from the wall.

Take a plastic bag

When your showerhead is removed from the wall, take a bag fill that bag with water and vinegar, use vinegar and water half, as one part of water and one part of vinegar mix it well, and then keep the showerhead in that bag and tie the bag as the vinegar does not try to come out from there.

You should tightly close the bag to remove the mold, dust, or limescale from the showerhead soak it in the vinegar for a time.

Left it for 30 Minutes

When you put the showerhead in the mixture of vinegar and water left or soak it for a time that is mostly 30 minutes. You can soak it for more time if your showerhead is fully blocked.

And the water even passes only in small amounts it depends on the showerhead how much it is dirty, how much time, and the vinegar it uses to come clean.

Rinse it with water

After spending the time period required, open the bag and take it out from the bag. after taking it out check how much the material is got out and how much is remaining into it back.

Rinse it with water thoroughly with plenty of water with pressure because the pressure is also used to remove the extra stuff from the thing.

Clean it thoroughly

After the water rinse, cleanliness is very important because there is too much stock stuck in the showerhead.

You can clean the showerhead using a piece of cloth, you can clean it by using the old toothbrush or the brush used to wash the clothes and any other material which is used to clean the things.

Somethings are slim as well as large and we buy them from the market to clean the things thoroughly.

Place it Back

After the cleanliness process when the showerhead is completely got cleaned you can dry it with a piece of cloth. and place it again in its original place.

To place it in the real place you repeat the procedure which you use to remove the showerhead.

When your showerhead is cleaned then place it in its place and now twist in the clockwise direction and now tight it with a wrench when it is not enough tight from your hand.

While placing it back it may not be tight as it was the first time so you can use the rubber washer, thread, or the plumbing tape to tight it again as it was first.

The above points are the procedure of how to clean a showerhead with vinegar. There are many other things except vinegar are baking soda, apple cider vinegar, bleach, and many other things which I have not discussed in my article.

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