Mower clicks but wont start

Mower clicks but wont start. If your lawn mower clicks but won’t start and you don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue, then you are on the right page because I will explain to you various reasons that are responsible for this problem.

Last month, my lawn mower started to create the same problem. It clicked but did not start. When I checked its batteries, I found its battery faulty. Then, I changed its battery, and it started cutting the grass without any issues.

Some of the issues are these.

  • Battery is damaged
  • Starter is faulty
  • Loose wiring
  • Inspect the voltage
  • Battery is weak
  • Starter is faulty

So, I am writing this article for you to explain to you different reasons behind mower clicks but won’t start. So, keep reading this page to know details about each point.

Mower clicks but wont startMower clicks but won't start

The lawn mower is a handy machine to cut the grass in no time. It covers a lot of areas in quick time but as like other mechanical machines.

You need to take care of different parts using a lawn mower. If you are getting annoying due to lawn mower clicks, but won’t start, check these points for troubleshooting.

Battery is damaged

First, check the batteries of the mower. If the wires attached to it are correctly connected, or their connection is loose. Sometimes, it happens that the wire connections become loose due to running on a rough and uneven surface. If there is no issue with the connections, check each terminal. Sometimes terminals are rusted due to cleaning the debris and dust from them.

If terminals are damaged due to corrosion, remove the rust after detaching them from the batteries, and then clean the rust. If the batteries are damaged, then replace them to finish this problem.

Starter is faultyStarter is faulty

If the starter of the lawn mower is faulty due to mechanical or electrical issues, then the mower clicks but won’t begin.

If the brushes and copper wiring are worn out, these are electrical issues, and you need to contact an electrician.

If the mower is too old, its gear top can crack due to wear and tear, and it is a mechanical issue, replace the gear top. These problems can bind the start due to which lawn mower clicks but won’t start.

Loose wiring

If the mower is not starting but just clicking, check its wiring. The best idea is to check the wiring of the mower when the season starts, so you do not need to worry when there is grass everywhere in the middle of the season.

When you run the mower on uneven ground, some wiring connections become loose due to shaking and vibrating. If you are a skillful electrician, reconnect the loose wires, but if you are not skillful, it is suggested that you hire a certified electrical to tight the loose wiring.

Bad fuel

Another reason beyond this problem is bad fuel. You can not use old gas or oil in the mower because it badly affects the machine and its performance. Always try to use good quality and new fuel in the mower to cut the grass.

Check the ignition switchCheck the ignition switch

If the machine is clicking and not starting, check the ignition switch because it can be damaged due to wear and tear if you do not remove dust from it after the mowing session. It is damaged, and you need to replace the ignition switch to start the lawn mower without clicking.

Battery is weak

It is essential to recharge the battery if it becomes weak. The mower only starts when its better is fully charged, so if the mower clicks and won’t start.

Then check the level of acid in the battery. If it is low, recharge the battery to start the machine properly.


The article’s bottom line is that every mechanical machine needs proper care and cleanliness from debris and dust. If the lawn mower clicks and won’t start, then, first of all, check the level of the battery.

If it is weak, then recharge it. You need to check all points mentioned in this article one by one. But if you are not skillful and don’t know how to open the screws and check the wires, then it’s better to take the services of a skillful person to inspect the mower.

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