Electric Lawn Mower Won’t Start

Electric Lawn Mower Won’t Start. If the mower’s key isn’t completely inserted, then the lawn mower won’t start. The battery of the lawn mower may be deprived. The plug connections of the device are loose. The safety handles are disengaged. The solenoid is bad. The motor of the mower isn’t working.

The electric mower that I loved wasn’t starting. I had used the electric mower for some time now, but it wasn’t starting. I didn’t know what was wrong.

I checked the fuel, but it was full and then I asked a professional to fix my mower. He told me while working on it. Now I can fix mowers on my own.

Read to learn!.

Electric Lawn Mower Won’t StartLawn Mower Won't Start

Wanting to mow your lawn but the mower doesn’t work. That’s devastating. My mower did the same. But I fixed my mower. The mower problem starts with basic things like the mower not having power.

The power of the mower is important. The power is made given by fuel or electricity depending on the device. The fuel may be low or the electricity isn’t enough.

The safety handles of the mower are important. The mower won’t work without the safety handles being engaged. The key of the mower may not be engaged properly.

The electric mower can have a tripped circuit breaker. Getting the power to the lawn mower will start it. The motor of the mower should work too. The solenoid of the mower should be properly attached and working.


Check the mower’s power source. You need to determine if the power source is a battery or does the machine use fuel to work? If it works on the battery, check the charge in the battery. If there isn’t any charge, then you need to charge the battery.

If the battery doesn’t charge, then you’ll need a new battery that charges. If the power works on fuel, then you need to check if the mower has enough fuel to work. If the fuel isn’t enough to work, then add more fuel and fill the fuel tank of the mower.


Mowers have a cylindrical piece of wire called solenoid in them. The solenoid is present and won’t start the mower without it. The humming sound when the machine is tried to turn is related to the solenoid, and it happens with the turning of the ignitor. Any mower won’t turn on if the solenoid is bad.

A solenoid is important, especially in the electric mower. If the solenoid is bad, not only will the mower won’t turn on, but the mower will make distinct sounds. These sounds actually mean the mower is bad. Replacing the solenoid will start the mower.


All mowers work with a motor. The motor runs and the lawn of whatever is mowed. The motor is the most important part of the mower.

The motor t starting means the mower isn’t starting. The motor is a pretty important part of the mower because the motor holds the blade that cuts the grass and also rated the blades.

The coils inside the mower can get out of order and not work. The coils are a basic part of the motor and coils make the motor work. If the motor isn’t working in the mower, then get the coils checked and replace the motor.


The blades of the motor cut the grass, and the mower’s blades are attached to the motor. The motor rotates the blade, and the grass is cut.Blades The blades can get stuck in the grass.

The blades may get clogged with grass, and the blades don’t move when the grass is stuck in them.

And when the blades don’t move, the motor doesn’t move either. As the motor can’t move, the mower doesn’t start. Removing the grass from the blades after turning the mower will make the blades move and the machine starts.

Safety handle

There’s a safety handle in the mowers that makes them work only when it’s engaged. If the handle of the mower is disengaged, the mower won’t start. Turning the handle will engage ait and the mower will have a problem.

The last word

The electric lawn mower is explained more than the fuel mowers are used less these days. The reason for electrical mowers being used more is the fuel consumption and durability.

The problem of not starting appears in both types of mowers equally. The parts having problems like the motor not getting enough power and the handles being unengaged is pretty common. Read above.

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