Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine Stuck In Off Mode

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine Stuck In Off Mode. If the Manitowoc Indigo ice machine is stuck in off mode, then rebooting the Manitowoc will solve it. Pressing the power button for 3 seconds will start.

Then wait till the ice present on the evaporator melts. Remove ice machine power for 10 seconds. Turn it on, and you’ll see blue light, meaning the reset was successful.

I have been using Manitowoc Indigo for some time, and suddenly it to stuck in off mode. I checked in the Manitowoc guide, but nothing was there. I contacted the Manitowoc helpline, and they got me out of the off mode.

Well, Manitowoc being stuck in off mode was easy, and I didn’t need help getting it unstuck again. Though Manitowoc being stuck in off mode has reasons that are scary, I have solutions.

Read to learn!.

Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine Stuck In Off ModeIndigo Ice Machine Stuck In Off Mode

Manitowoc Indigo or any other ice maker getting stuck in off mode when you need ice is absurd. I faced it. Ice maker problems are manageable. The off mode can affect the working of the Ice machine. Room temperature can deal with it.

I learned that rebooting Manitowoc will solve the issue. So I reboot it by pressing the power button and holding it for 3 seconds.

Then I let the ice melt on the evaporator and disconnected power for more than 10 seconds. Then I turned Manitowoc Indigo on, and it showed a blue light.

It was a successful reset. However, other things are required for getting Manitowoc out of off mode.

Causes and fixes

Manitowoc going in and getting stuck in off mode requires solving.

High temperatures

The high temperature of air and water affect the ice maker. If the temperature of the ambient temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, then you’ll see sticking in off mode.

At the same time, the water’s ambient temperature shouldn’t exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air and water exceed this temperature, then malfunctioning occurs. Because of excessive ambient temperature, some parts fail to proceed with their work.

If the ambient temperature does proceed in your device, check it. Then turn the ice maker off until it cools and ambient temperature becomes normal.

Low temperatures

Low ambient air temperature under 50 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t suitable for the ice maker either. In comparison, the water’s ambient temperature shouldn’t be lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The low temperature actually freezes the evaporator coils and the evaporator itself. Low temperatures produce ice build-ups in the machine.

The builds up are worse. As the temperature decreases, the machine loses functionality, and thus the machine enters safe mode or goes off mode.

If the temperature remains the same for both water and air, the machine will remain off mode. Until the temperature reaches normal, the machine will remain stuck.

To get it out of off mode, make the ice build-up melt faster and open the door. Power the machine off from behind. It’ll take some time to get out of off mode.

Ventilation issue

Ventilation is essential in the Manitowoc Indigo air cooler. Without proper ventilation, the Manitowoc will get the wrong temperature from outside, and it’ll affect the Manitowoc’s cooling capability.

If Indigo of Manitowoc shows an error, then let it get proper ventilation. Placing Manitowoc away from the wall will help. Place Manitowoc in an airy place, where it isn’t hot.

Improper ventilation to Manitowoc and even other air coolers is negative. Just provide the Manitowoc with proper ventilation, and it’ll get out of off mode on its own.

You can reset Manitowoc to get rid of off mode. Air-cooled machines can be reset with the power button.

Water flow

Water flow is necessary for ice makers. No water won’t make any ice, and that is an icy problem. You won’t be able to chill, and I mean literally chill. Water flow comes from the condenser and water supply lines.

The supply lines then give water, and the water is converted to ice. If there isn’t water, the Manitowoc won’t be making ice. This will indirectly affect the temperature, and Manitowoc will turn off. It’ll get stuck in off mode.

If water flow isn’t working, then water lines to Manitowoc are clogged. Water may leak and not enter Manitowoc. Fix the clogs and leakages to Manitowoc and reset Manitowoc to remove off mode.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Not Making Ice

The last word

The Manitowoc getting stuck in off mode is actually for safety. It’s done by the Manitowoc itself. The temperature of Manitowoc air and water matters a lot.

The ventilation is needed too. You can set Manitowoc temperature and ventilation and deal with off mode with the above article. Call a Manitowoc technician for help.

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