Scotsman ice maker not making ice

Scotsman ice maker not making ice. Scotsman ice maker machines are used in various restaurants and delis to make the ice. If the ice maker stops making the ice then it means the unit is not accurately running due to power failure or water is leaking from the drain hoses.

If you have different electrical appliances in your home then you know that these appliances acquire proper maintenance for efficient working.

If you will not clear the clog and blockage from the drain hoses then the water will start dripping and the unit will not be able to make enough ice.

You can also think about electrical issues like a trip breaker, blown fuse, less voltage, etc. If your Scotsman ice maker is not making the ice then you are on the right page.

This article will surely help you to diagnose the reasons and troubleshoot the ice-making machine.

Scotsman ice maker not making ice ice maker not making ice

Normally, Scotsman ice maker units work efficiently for a long time if you take care of the cleanliness of sediments, debris, and mold. In modern models, error codes appear on the display screen to inform you which part is malfunctioning.

The surrounding environment of the unit matters a lot because if there is a lot of moisture in the room then the ice maker will not make the ice. Let’s read the all possible causes behind this trouble and how can we fix them.

1. Water is leaking

Leakage of water is the main issue beyond the ice not making in the ice maker machine. If you see a large puddle on the floor below the unit then it means water is dripping from the water inlet valve or hot gas. If the issue is here then repair the defective part by taking the services of experts.

If there is no issue with the water inlet valve then check the drain hoses and tube because they can become damaged due to the sediments present in the water.

If the number of minerals and sediment si more in the tap water then it is suggested to you to use the filtered water to make ice in the ice-making machine.

2. Condenser is dusty

If the production of ice in the unit is low then check the dust on the condenser. If there is dust and debris p the condenser then turn off the machine and remove the dust from the condenser.

Check the dirty filter also, if there is dust on the filter then clean it also. If you see any part is defective or worn out then immediately change it but do not try open the screws by yourself. A slight mistake can damage the whole unit.

3. Not enough ice

The ice maker machines make the ice when there is a proper temperature inside the room. If the room temperature decreases then 55 degrees Farhenhights then the unit will not make enough ice. You need to increase the room temperature then ut will take one day for the unit to make the ice.

4. The fan motor is faulty

If the blades of the fan are not spinning then check the buildup of ice on the fan. If you have no habit of cleaning the frost from the machine then it will build up on the fan motor and damage its blades.

If there is ice on the fan motor then turn off the unit for one day so that all the ice defrosts. After the melting of ice check the fan motor with a close eye. If the fan blades are broken then change the motor so that the machine begins to make the ice.

5. Refrigerating charge is low

Another reason behind the less making of ice is a low refrigerant charge. it decreases due to leakage of water and faulty components. You can not do something in this case and you will have to take the services of the certified professional of the ice-making machines.


The bottom line of the article is that, if  Scotsman ice maker not making ice then check the leakages in the water inlet valve, and drain hoses.

Then remove the dust from the filter and condenser. It is a very complicated unit so it is better for you to take the services of a professional if the unit stops making the ice.

Scotsman Ice Machine Randomly Not Making Ice

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