Ice o matic troubleshooting

Ice o matic troubleshooting. Ice o Matic ice machines are used in various places like hospitals, offices, and hotels to make ice. Due to a lot of usage in the summer season, sometimes the machines malfunction like they stop operating or do not make ice.

It depends upon the problem and how we can troubleshoot it. Some issues are troubleshooter immediately with a small effort and slight changes.

However, sometimes if you don’t care about the machines then any component can become defective and you will have to take the services of some experts.

Here are some common major problems that can occur to the Ice o Matic machines.

  • The ice machine does not run
  • The unit is not making ice
  • The water is leaking from the ice machine
  • Humidity inside the unit
  • The indicator light is blinking

So, these are some trouble that can occur with the ice machine. In this article, I explained in detail how we can troubleshoot these issues so keep reading.

Ice o Matic troubleshootingIce o matic troubleshooting 2022

These machines are simple and very easy to use. They have only work to do and that is ice making. If the machine prevents making the ice or does not make ice then it means some part of it is the culprit.

Some models have an error code system. You can easily troubleshoot when you see the error code. If you are looking for troubleshooting of the ice o Matic machine then I am hopeful this article will surely help you to save the money.

1. The ice machine does not run

If the machine is not running then first of all check the electrical supply issues. It is important to plug in the power cord of the machine properly in the outlet. The next thing to check is power cable is broken or damaged. If it is damaged then replace the cord to run the machine.

If there is no issue with the cable then check the circuit breaker of the unit from the main box. In the summer season due to an overload of power the circuit breaker trips. If the circuit breaker is tripped then change its position to start the ice machine.

You can also check the fuse and total voltage in the socket. If all things are seen to well then contact a certified electrician to check the machine deeply.

2. The unit is not making ice

If the unit is not making the ice then it is very horrible because you can not survive without cold water in the hot summer.

Usually, the machine stops making the ice when there is leakage in the drain pipe or maybe in the water tank. You will have to repair the leakage from the defective part.

It is compulsory to clean the dust from all parts of the unit like the condenser, compressor, etc. If the condenser of the unit is dirty then it blocks the air filter. When the air filter is blocked then it reduces the flow of air, as a result, the production of ice will decrease.

When you see the machine is not making the ice then check the less suction pressure. You can take the services of a technician to increase the refrigerant charge of the machine.

3. The water is leaking from the ice machine

The water starts to leak from the machine when there is a clog in the drain hoses. Inspect the drain hoses and remove the debris, sediments, ice, etc. When water does not flow from the drain hoses then it being to leaking.

The next parts to check are the turn-off valve and water supply line. If there is any kind of damage in these components then repair or replace it by yourself or a technician.

4. Humidity inside the unit

It is essential to place the ice machine in a suitable environment and temperature otherwise you can face the issues of mold and humidity. If you are not maintaining the unit properly like not cleaning the ice and dust from the condenser coils etc then the issue of mold will affect the unit.

One more thing to notice is if any side of the machine is in contact with the water then the machine will damage due to moisture and mold. So, whenever you are installing the ice machine at some place then be aware of the surrounding environment whether it is suitable for the unit or not.

5. The indicator light is blinking

The basic purpose of the indicator lights is to inform you of the various problems that are occurring to the machine. You must have the user manual which is given by the manufacturers to help the users. You can easily make the changes with the help of indicator lights.

How to fix Ice o Matic


The conclusion of the article is that if you have an ice o Matic machine to make the ice in the home or any other place then its maintenance is very necessary otherwise it will stop making the ice or even stop running.

All the possible troubleshooting of various issues are described in this article to help out you.

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