Hoshizaki Ice Machine Water Keeps Running

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Water Keeps Running. The alignment of the ice cube cup and the fill valve is unaligned. Clogged condenser coils keep the Hoshizaki ice machine keep running with water. A loose connection in the Ice machine causes water to escape. A weak machine spring aids leaking and dirt aids too.

My Hoshizaki ice machine was my pride. It was and is my best ice machine. I have used the Hoshizaki ice machine for several years now.

Minor issues in Hoshizaki are easy to solve. Hoshizaki issues like running water aren’t significant. But I’ll guide you in stopping the water running in Hoshizaki.

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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Water Keeps RunningIce Machine Water Keeps Running

Hoshizaki ice machines are top-quality ice machines. Though timely, Hoshizaki faces issues like running water too. The running water is caused because of dirt and clogging because of debris.

The level of the Ice machine should be flat. The bulgy area will tilt the Hoshizaki ice machine, and water will run. Ice jamming can cause extra water to leak, and damaged condenser coils aid them: unaligned fill valve and cup cause running.

The condensation drain can get clogged. The supply pipe providing water is leaked or has gotten another fault. Pipe connections are loose, or they leak. The water filter has issues like clogs.

The water dispenser is having problems. Board may give Hoshizaki ice machine the wrong instructions. Clogging in the ice maker is the worst. Other faults in Hoshizaki run the water too. Let’s see the Hoshizaki water problems.

Unaligned fill & valve

The fill valve has a special place, and the fill cup has its own. Though they have it, the fill valve and the cup should remain in their place. The fills need proper alignment with each other. If they are unaligned, they’ll leak or make the water run. Running water in Hoshizaki will be disastrous.

If you see unalignment in the fill cup and valve, realign them. Refastening them carefully will do it. The leakage caused by the unaligned fill cup and valve will end when properly aligned and in the proper position. Try it.

Unleveled placement

Unleveled freezer placement is a common issue. The dispenser placement area for the Hoshizaki ice machine should be flat. Uneven area causes uneven distribution of water in the freezer.

The dispenser water runs to the area it shouldn’t because the area is uneven. Placement in freezers or fridges matters a lot. Some companies present extraordinary stools to place the fridge on.

If your Hoshizaki ice machine has uneven placement, then get it off the area. Use a leveler to check the level and if it’s uneven, make it even. Use a wooden stool or a wedge to balance the freezer.

Ice build-up

Ice building up in an ice maker isn’t new. Hoshizaki faces Ice-build ups too. Ice building happens for several reasons. You can only prevent ice build-ups.

To remove ice, put something that can hold water under the Hoshizaki ice maker. A dispenser chute is present at the top. Pour hot water into it.

The water will melt the ice and will come down the drain. Wait for a few seconds to let the water come done. If it doesn’t, pour more warm water until the ice melts. The water will pour into the cup or whatever you put. Recheck leakage.

Pierced water supply

Leaking or running water usually represents a kinked water supply pipe. If you think the supply water line is kinked or broken, check for cracks and kinking, and pierced water supply pipe. Check every pipe bit. If the pipe is leaking, try to fix it.

If the pipe is kinked or pierced, meaning out of the repairing zone, get a new one. Replace the pipe yourself or by a technician. Fixing the pipe may still be unsure because it can get leaked again from the previous point. Replacing the water supply pipe is a different story.

Loose connections

All pipes inside the Hoshizaki are connected and fixed. Sometimes these ice machine pipes get loose and you get running water. The pipes can get loose because of unsupervised pressure. Clogs are responsible for tempering pressure from the pipe inside. Shocks can lose the pipes too.

Check the pipe entirely and find the leakage or blockage. Repair the leaks with tape and replace them if leakage is caused by too many cracks. Tighten the pipe as losing is the prime culprit. If the leakage isn’t from loose pipes, then the other parts should be tightened.

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The last word

The Hoshizaki machine is famous for its ice-making capability. Though Hoshizaki can face problems, you can fix them. Clogging or loosed pipes. Uneven area or whatever.

Even ice build-ups can affect water. Replacing the supply pipe and aligning the ice maker parts will fix your issues.

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