Lg mini split error codes

Lg mini split error codes. When error codes appear on the screen of LG mini split then it means any of the components is malfunctioning and you should concentrate on the issue.

If a fault code is appearing frequently on the screen then it is informing you to look at the specific part of the ac and fix it. Now if you know the meaning of the error code then you can easily diagnose the trouble and fix it.

However, if you are not familiar with the error codes then you can not easily find which part of the mining split is faulty. You will have to open all screws and then one by one check all parts and then fix the issue. You may need to hire an expert and pay extra cost.

So that’s why I am writing my research on important error codes of LG mini split ac to guide you on the meanings of each fault code and what to do when an error code appears on the display LED.

LG mini split error codesLG mini split error codes 2022

If an error code is appearing on the display of the room ac then don’t get panic and worry because you can troubleshoot it by yourself with a little effort. Some famous error codes and their meanings are these.

P2 error code

If the P2 shows that the drain pan of the split ac is full of water and you will have to open the tilt from the back side of the unit so that what flows outside of the unit.

If the P2 error code is still not clear after draining out all water from the drain pan then you will have to reboot the unit to remove the error code. It is not difficult to reboot or reset the room ac.

  • Turn off the split ac.
  • Pull out the plug from the outlet for one minute.
  • Plug in the power cord
  • Restart it by pressing the power button.

If the error code is still appearing then you need to hire an expert for repairing the unit.

E4 error code

E4 error code means that the air conditioner is gone into the de-ice mode. It normally happens when the appliance perceives frost on the evaporator fan that is installed beyond the front screen.

You will need to turn off the unit so that all the ice from the evaporator fan is melted. After the melting of all the ice, the air conditioner will start to operate accurately.

Error code CA

If an error code CA is displaying on the screen then it means the motor of the fan is not operating. It will overheat the compressor sensor. You will have to hire a professional who can tell you after the inspection which part is faulty and demanding to repair or replace.

Error code Ch 5

Error code Ch 5 shows that there is a fault in transmission between the outdoor unit and indoor unit. You need to inspect the wiring between both units, it is chewed or damaged then repair the wiring.

You can also check whether the amount of voltage is full or it is low voltage. You can also check the voltage from the transformer.

Error code C8

An error code C8 means that the inside fan is not rotating. This code appears after five minutes of turning on the air conditioner.  Inspect the indoor and outside voltage of the power supply. The voltage must be 230V ±10%, if it is not giving this reading on the voltmeter then rectify it as required.

Error code E5

If the error code E5 is displaying on the screen then the water collection is filled completely and there is no further place in the water tank. To remove the water from the tank open the drain cap of the tank and clear the water from it. After draining out all the water refix the cap and check that the error code is disappear on the screen.


The bottom line of the discussion is if you have installed a mini-split air conditioner in the home then you must know the meanings of error codes that appear on the screen to indicate something to check in the unit.

If you know the meanings then you can easily fix the problem in no time without taking help from anyone.

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