Fujitsu fault codes flashing lights

Fujitsu fault codes flashing lights. If the fault codes flashing lights are blinking on the display screen of the Fujitsu air conditioner then it means the appliance is in some kind of trouble and you will have to diagnose and fix the problem.

In modern models of the ac, it is not difficult to diagnose the problem because the manufacturer’s manual can help you to know the details about each problem by error codes or flashing lights will begin to flash.

If you listen to strange sounds from the appliance, it is leaking water or it is not making cooling due to malfunctioning of any faulty part then the error code will easily help you to know the fault in the unit.

In this article, I am explaining the details about the error codes of the Fujitsu air conditioner which will help you to solve the issue immediately.

Fujitsu fault codes flashing lightsFujitsu fault codes flashing lights 2022

In old electronic appliances, it was very difficult to find out the main culprit if the units stopped working. But with the increase in advanced technology now manufacturers install the display screen on the appliance that starts to blink to tell you the condition of the unit.

In the Fujitsu air conditioner, the display screen also shows the various error codes by flashing lights that tell you the main issue in the unit and you can save the time that you waste on the inspection of all components. Let’s look at the detail about fault codes and how can you solve them.

1. Inside hose sensor is failed

When the inside hose sensor of the ac is failed and stopped to do its job then the red light will flash two times and then the green light will flash three times.

If it occurs then, first of all, check the all hoses and clean the debris and dust from them. It is essential to maintain the ac unit and clear the clogs from its pipe to get the proper cooling.

After cleaning the clogs and debris from all the pipes now make sure that the cooling mode in the ductwork is allying from 0C to 10C and if it is winter season then the heating mode is between 25C to 65C.

2. Outside air sensor is crashed

If the red lights flash three times and the green light blinks four times then it means that the outside air sensor of the unit is crashed and not doing its job. It failed due to the wrong suction temperature.

Suction temperature is basically evaporator outlet temperature in an ac system. The normal suction temperature should remain between the 35-degree Farhehieght and 65-degree Farhehieght.

It should not go higher than the 65-degree Farhehieght and lower than the 35-degree Farhehieght. Any temperature below or above will fail the outside air sensor.

If you don’t know how to readjust the suction temperature and repair the outside sensor then do not make attempt to repair or replace the sensor by yourself. You can hire a certified professional for deep inspection and fixing the trouble.

3. Inside air sensor is failed

If you inspect the red light flashes two times and the green light also two times then it is an indication of the problem that the inside sensor of the Fujitsu air conditioner is failed and you will have to check it.

You will have to check the two things now, the first is to check whether it is test or timer mode and refix it. The second and most important part to check is the air filter of the appliance.

If you do not maintain the air conditioner properly by cleaning its hoses and air filters then thy become clogged and air can not pass through them due to debris and dust.

Before you call some expert clean the air filters completely and check that the flashlights are still blinking or not. If the lights are still flashing then you can hire an expert to check it accurately and replace the faulty component in the system.


The final thoughts on this discussion are flashing lights are blinking on the display then you can easily diagnose the issue and take steps to solve the issue but if still, the problem is there then you can take assistance from a specialist.

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