How to clean mold in air conditioner

How to clean mold in air conditioner. Mold in the air conditioner releases mold spores which can easily combine with air and inhale. Mold when inhaled can cause several diseases such as throat irritation, coughing, and nasal stuffiness.

If you ignore it continuously it can affect the lungs and causes serious lung disease. Mold grows at a high rate and it can grow very fast in the air conditioner.

When you suspect any signs of mold or dark spots at the outer surface of the air conditioner. Take immediate action to get rid of mold in the air conditioner. Clean all washable parts of the air conditioner.

How to clean mold in air conditionerclean mold in air conditioner

You can remove mold from the air conditioner by using vinegar and a water mixture. Household bleach turns very effective to remove mold from air conditioners. Mix a half cup of bleach with warm water and apply the solution to all the surfaces where mold is grown.

Detach the filters and clean with a bleach solution, after that remove the back cover and rub it with a brush. Wipe off all areas of the air conditioner and keep it moisture-free.

7 easy steps to clean the mold in an air conditioner

  • Remove and clean the front filters. Check the filters for any visible damage. Replace the filters if the old one demands replacement. You can grab from the market a new filter for your ac.
  • You can place the filters in a large sink of warm for around 20 minutes. Take a brush and clean the filter with soapy water. Rinse the filters with warm water to remove any residual mold. After washing the filter hang them to air dry.
  • After cleaning the AC filters clean the cover behind the front grill. That’s also the favorite place for mold to grow. Take a screwdriver and remove screws to detach the back cover. Check for any signs of mold and wipe it off or remove using other means.
  • Take a bucket and add 3 gallons of water in it, add half a cup of bleach and dishwashing soap. Mix the ingredients well to make s proper cleaning solution for killing the mold.
  • Apply the solution of bleach, dish soap, and water to the areas of mold. Identify the areas with high mold and rest the solution to sit for around 15 minutes.
  • Take a soft clean cloth and wipe off the solution you have applied earlier. Clean all components and make sure all parts are dry.
  • Reattach all the components back to the AC unit, tighten all the screws, and double-check you have fixed everything. You can plug in AC again as it’s now free of mold and debris.

How to prevent mold from growing in air conditioners

There are some easy tricks you can follow to prevent mold from growing again.

  • Fill in all the gaps of the window unit to prevent moisture and humidity.
  • Perform cleaning of the air conditioner every few weeks.
  • Deep clean your air conditioner every few months. clean all filters and back cover.

Does vinegar kill mold in an air conditioner?

Yes, vinegar kills mold in the air conditioner and it’s quite a safe method to use. fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of vinegar and spray it to all surfaces where mold exists. Vinegar is the best and safe method to use as it does not pose any damage to the AC.

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