Mold on Styrofoam in air conditioner

Mold on Styrofoam in air conditioner. Styrofoam doesn’t have the moisture-absorbing quality and is not the ideal spot for the mold to grow. But some factors can cause mold to grow on the Styrofoam.

If the Styrofoam is dirty and there is any sort of leakage or droplet, it will create a growth environment for mold to grow. Mold can be dangerous for health, it’s a type of fungus.

Living in a house with mold may affect your skin with skin allergy and sometimes, it could be dangerous for the respiratory system.

When you find any symptoms of mold, it’s better to clean or remove it. Keep reading, we are going to discuss the complete process for cleaning the Styrofoam to get rid of mold.

Mold on Styrofoam in air conditionerMold on Styrofoam in air conditioner

There are different products to remove mold from styrofoam of the air conditioner such as bleach, vinegar, and dishwashing soap. Bleach is the most effective method to use. Take about 1/2 cup of household bleach and mix it with a bucket of water.

Take a sponge and saturate it with the mixture. Apply the bleach and water solution to the mold area. Also, remove the styrofoam and wash it with water and dishwashing soap plus some vinegar.

Vinegar can also be used in combination with dishwashing liquid. Perform a deep cleaning to keep mold away from your air conditioner.

Switch off and unplug the AC

Cleaning the election items requires them to unplug, to avoid any possible electric hazards.

Turn off your Ac and unplug the cable from the wall. It is a pre-cleaning safety measure to ensure the device will not start unexpectedly.

After turning off the AC, let’s move to the next step in which you are going to deal with Styrofoam.

Take out Styrofoam

A Styrofoam blocks the gap between the AC unit and the window to avoid any source of the air passage.

Cleaning the Styrofoam in its place will not bring the desired results grimes will hide and spread. Pop out the Styrofoam carefully for the complete cleaning.

Cleaning the Styrofoam

There are two basic methods of cleaning the Styrofoam, one is using a damp cloth or towel, and the other is soaking with water.

The first method is to remove any dust and dirt layer on the Styrofoam. This is comparatively easy to clean. Take a damp cloth and some good cleaning spray, and wipe off any dust and dirt.

Deep cleaning is suitable when you haven’t cleaned the Styrofoam for a long time. Soaking in a cleaning solution helps to remove grimes and dust easily. Take a good cleaning solution and prepare the mixture with water.

Put the Styrofoam back

The final step is to put the Styrofoam back to the window and ac unit. Make sure that Styrofoam got securely fitted in a snug environment. Recheck if there is any gap because it will allow air to pass and result in mold, which also affects the AC performance.


Styrofoam does not absorb moisture, and it is not the best place for mold to grow. But sometimes, water droplets and other factors make the needed environment for mold to grow on the Styrofoam. Clean the Styrofoam by following the procedure explained earlier. Always keep your living area clean from mold and moisture.

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