Lenovo laptop power light blinking but won’t turn on

Lenovo laptop power light blinking but won’t turn on. Lenovo is the best company that is related to laptops. These laptops are very commonly used in homes and also in offices.

These laptops are brilliant and do not have high weight they are very good in every feature; there is an issue with the Lenovo laptop that the power light is on. But the laptop is not turning on every type of laptop, when getting on, there is a sign indicating it’s turning on.

Lenovo laptops have a light on the power button, which turns on when your laptop is powered on. Here the problem is that the laptop light is on, but the laptop is not turning on.

Lenovo laptop power light blinking but won’t turn on
Lenovo laptop power light blinking

Lenovo’s power light is blinking, but this is not turning on. This is the issue that wants the solution, and you have to solve this issue and have to try every technique that you think is fruitful for the working of the laptop. Some solutions are given:

Try power button drain

This is the unique solution to the problem; here, you mean that in this solution, power off the laptop and take the battery out. When you power off and take the battery out then, you need to press and hold the power button for about 30 to 35 seconds.

This period returns the power button to its old condition means f the light is blinking but the laptop is not turning on then this thing back the laptop to working and this button gets shine otherwise this does not shine when your laptop is not turning on.

The issue of the light on but not turning on the laptop is solved here. After the procedure, you must put the battery back, power it on the laptop, and observe the result.

Try resetTry reset

Now, if your laptop is not turning on and the light is still blinking and indicates that the laptop is on, this is the issue for the laptop, and the reset is perfect and easy.

There is an emergency reset button, and you have to turn the power off, remove the source from the charging, and take the battery out of the device.

After doing all this, you must flip your laptop and search for the emergency reset button or the hole. After doing all the given things, you have to press that button if possible by hand otherwise, take the needle and do this work from this.

This takes some time, and then you have to put all things back means putting the battery and power on and if needed to restore the connections which you have disconnected.

Check and correct the power issue

Here maybe the issue is with the power; this power may not be coming at the speed which is needed; before inserting the power, you have to check the power, and plug only in the way that the power is preset and also in the speed which is enough for the laptop to take and get profit from it, otherwise avoid this thing.

This isn’t good for your laptop. Maybe this less speed power can damage your laptop internally, and it is in a condition that is not soluble by you, and the PC gets damaged as it is not able to repair, this needs to change and work when you replace your laptop. The internal components may be born out.

Check the batteryCheck the battery

Check the battery; there may be an issue with the battery, which does not allow the PC to work.

The battery is the main thing you must have to check; when the battery issue is occurring, you have to make it correct; this issue is also the cause of the hanging of the laptop.

The solution to this issue is a must; if you do not solve it, you may not get good work. Checking the battery is necessary to solve that problem because if the battery creates an issue, your PC may not start working.

Update BOIS

Here the laptop is not working if your BIOS is not updated; please update the BIOS when it is needed. Technology is going to be advanced more and more.

There is not anything that remains that is not according to the technology, There the updates that the laptop needs come with the notification; whenever the update is available, you can update it suddenly without any wait because there is the notification that appears on the laptop of your screen when any of the new updates is available.

Still, you do not search it and update it from the internet. One more advancement is that the update can be done on its own and you do not need to update it when it is connected to the Wi-fi.

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