kitchen sink still clogged after snaking

kitchen sink still clogged after snaking. If you are facing the issue of the sink still clogged after snaking, it means it requires deep cleaning whenever a kitchen sink gets clogged, and getting help from the snaking results perfectly.

But sometimes the snake can’t help if it can’t reach deeper. So if you are tackling this kind of situation, we will help you unclog the kitchen sink drain with accurate guidelines.

In the following article, you will be able to unclog the drain sink by accessing the U-shaped trap. So, if you want to get rid of the headache by fixing the issue, then here you go.

kitchen sink still clogged after snaking

Even snaking a kitchen snake helps to unclog a sink drain, but sometimes even 10 times, snaking doesn’t relax you, and the clogging issue sink still clogged after snaking 2023

So the answer for inefficient unclogging by the snake is the clog is far from the access of the clog, so snaking can’t help in that kind of matter.

To mend the issue, you need to go down beneath the sink to access the U shape traped. The following method surely allows you to remove debris or clog from the inner side of the drain.

Before starting the procedure, it would be better to fold the water supply if you want to prevent any water waste or avoid creating any mess around the place.

Steps#1. Examine the Sink

Whenever an issue occurs to an appliance or it starts malfunctioning, the first step is to examine it. You must inspect to figure out the root cause of the problem.

For the likelihood of unclogging your kitchen sink, you need to inspect the sink so that you thoroughly diagnose the issue. For this purpose, glance inside the drain and check if there is any blockage.

The question that may come into your mind is if you have tried snaking before, why are you looking inside? The reason for visual inspection is to check whether there is solidified clog that was unbreakable for the snake.

If yes, you have to loosen the hard clog first to make removing the clog easier. It would be best to use hot water inside the sink. If the clog is stiff, you may use a mixture of hot water and dish soap.

Step#2. Turn Off Water Supply

If you have seen inside the drain but find no clog visible to the naked eye, then you must follow the instructions that may allow you to unclog the drain if it’s clogged from another part.

So, before going into the procedure, make sure that you have turned off the water supply. The following method will allow you to prevent any water mess that may splash after unfastening the drain component.

Therefore, it would help to check out the drain entirely in case the snake doesn’t work. So when you turn off the water, proceed with the drain beneath the kitchen sink.

Step#3. Inspect Pipe Under the Sink

So, in the following step, you need to access the sink beneath. After accessing the downside, you may see the pipe attached to the sink and rare the wall.

See the pipe connected to the sink and unscrew it. To figure out the clog, you may look inside the drain at the place where the trap is adjusted.Inspect Pipe Under the Sink

Usually, the kitchen sink can get clogged from where the pipe joins. Examine if any debris, food particles, or clogs are stuck there. Ensure to remove it for smooth draining.

If there is a blockage, you may attach the pipe to its spot after cleaning, but if you find nothing visible at the joining point of the pipe, you need to proceed more to figure out the blockage.

Step#4. Snake Deeper the Drain

In the beginning, you may not use the snaking deeply, but in the following method, you need to take some job with the snaking, but this time it will go to the next part of the drain.

So get ready with the snake. As you have unfastened the pipe connected to the sink, insert the end of the snake inside it. Using a snake from the disconnected pipe will surely help you to reach the clogged spot.

Move the drain snake inside it and move it everywhere inside the drain. There are high chances of accessing the clog this time. When you inspect the blockage inside the drain, ensure to break it.

The procedure may take time if the drain’s blockage is hardly stuck. If you successfully find the clogged area and have completed the unclogging task, you may place everything back in its spot.

On the other hand, you have to get ready if you still have not found the clog. It indicates a severe issue requiring a pro to get a handle.

Bottom Line

The following guideline will help you to unclog your kitchen sink after snaking. Sometimes, snaking turns on the first in the list of unclogging methods when we suspect the clogging issue in the kitchen sink, but unluckily it won’t work.

So, you may follow the instructions to remove the blockage deeply. You can’t find the clog in the initial parts, so you may follow the guideline for deep cleaning.

If the issue persists, it might be possible that your kitchen sink is experiencing a severe issue, so it would be helpful to contact an expert to cope with the sink clogging issue.

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