kitchen sink clogged past trap

kitchen sink clogged past trap. Usually, the appliances get clogged, affecting their performance efficiency; they don’t get their ideal position until you don’t take action for their unclogging.

However, if you are tackling the kitchen sink clogged past P-trap and seeking solutions to unclog it authentically and quickly, then we can help you with our guidance.

So, if you want to break the clog in your past P-trap or if the sink has draining issues but you have checked the pipe is free of a clog, then you can follow our instructions to sort out the issue.

A Guide to Fix kitchen sink clogged past trap

It is not a rare case clogging the kitchen sinks usually occurs due to an inappropriate human way of using any unit, machine, or sink.

If you don’t consider regularly cleaning the sink or letting the food particle drain into the pipe, it may create a clogging issue.

Some people assume the sink is usually clogged due to regular water flowing, but it often comes into the light due to the accumulation of oil, grease, and food particles.Fix Kitchen sink clogged past trap

Clogging does not come into existence in just one or two days. It takes time to get stuck into any component of the kitchen sink. Washing oily dishes lead the clogging, too; the oil gets stuck, Especially when it turns cool.

Then after washing each load, it starts building up, and then you see your sink is taking too long to drain water, or it might be possible it stops draining at all.

After washing dishes, it would be better to pour hot water into the sink to remove grease, oil, or other particles from the pipes or draining system. It will surely lessen the chances of clogging.

The tip is for your future use of the kitchen sink. In this frustrating situation, you can follow the guideline below to eliminate the clogging issue.

Methods To Eliminate Clogged Past T-Trap

Here are the methods that will help you to unclog past P-tarp. So follow the guideline accurately to get fantastic results.

Use of White Vinegar & Baking Soda

Almost every house contains white vinegar and baking soda, such worthwhile and precious items. You must be wrong if you suppose these things are just cooking elements.

Combining these two can give eyes opening results in their way. You can use them to clean any hard stains from the fabric. But here, we will use them for unclogging your kitchen sink.

The steps to proceed with them are given below.


Firstly, ensure that your sink has no standing water in it. If there is, you may use any bucket to remove the water from the sink and make it empty. You may also wait for the water to drain itself. Otherwise, grab the plunger to make the sink free of water.


To proceed with the task, get ready with the required items: baking soda, white vinegar, and boiling water. You may boil the water when you start the procedure. If you boil it before the procedure, it may get remarkable.


When everything is ready, you should take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the sink. Use the sink other than having the disposal so that the soda can easily access the pipes.

It would be better to use a filter because pouring the baking soda with the cup may cause the most baking soda to get stuck in the inner side of the pipe’s grooves.

Leave the baking soda in the pipe for almost 5 to 8 minutes. When the soda reacts with the buildup, you might suspect the stink. After passing the mentioned time, proceed with the next step.


Now, it’s time to pour vinegar to unclog the past P-trap of your kitchen sink. One cup of vinegar will be enough to unclog. You can use the white vinegar readily available, but if you have vinegar used for cleaning purposes will be best in the following procedure.

After pouring vinegar, you may hear the vinegar and baking soda reaction that produce while making bubbles. Five minutes will be enough to do their magic.


Now, rinse with hot water. After poring, hot water will indeed remove the clog efficiently. Inspect whether the issue is fixed or not. You may use the plunger to unclog it if there is still any clogging. Place the plunger on the sink drain and ensure to cover it entirely. Grab the handle and move it forth and back.

Remove the plunger from the sink drain using force, as moving in and out will surely make the plunger suck the clog. After picking up the plunger, you may feel the sound of draining water.


You can proceed with the method if it is not fully unclogged. If it is still not working successfully, you may try to unclog the past P-tarp manually.

Unclog the P-Trap Manually

Step#1.Unclog the P-Trap Manually 2023

So, if you have not inspected the p-trap before, you may proceed with the following procedure. Usually, the blockage in the curved pipe makes you feel suffer and can’t get eliminated until you don’t unfasten the trap.

Before detaching the p-trap, use a basin or bowl to accumulate the water from the pipe. We know you won’t want to create a mess while tackling the clogging issue.

You need to unfasten the nuts, inspect the nuts and use any tool like a set of pliers according to the drain pipe connection mechanism. It might be possible that you may detach the pipe with your bare hands.

After unfastening the pipe, check inside. You may blame the food particles, vegetable or fruit peels, or there might be oil or grease stuck in the pipe. Remove the clog, clean the pipe, and rinse with clean hot water would be a good choice.


You may use the following method if you find the p-trap free of clogs. It might be possible that there is no visible clog, but it existed deeper.

So, to remove the blockage, you are required a drain snake. You must be familiar with the snake took used for unclogging. It contains a tube or wire with a handle.

If you don’t have it, you can consider purchasing it as it’s readily available in the markets and online. After grabbing it, start your task of unclogging the drain.

Insert the snake into the pipe; maintain spinning when you suspect the clogging. It will catch the blocking material. Take the snake out gradually.

Clean the snake in a dustbin and start snaking again until you don’t feel that there is no clogging left in the drain. Reattach everything back to its position.


You can use the wet vacuum to catch debris or clogging. Place the nozzle of the wet vacuum in the pipe. It will suck the clog with strong pressure.


The following instructions explain well the issue of the kitchen sink clogged past the trap. You can use the solution of household items as a cleaner to unclog the trap.

Even if it’s not worked then, you may also go through the method that will able you to clean the trap manually. If the following technique doesn’t work, the issue is severe and requires an expert to tackle it.

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