Dishwasher Pods not Dissolving

Dishwasher Pods not Dissolving. Dishwasher has made the kitchen life easy for working women. But the worst situation is when it gets faulty. Sometimes it happens that the dishwasher pod stops dissolving and it will not clean dishes.

Several causes/ reasons prevent pods from dissolving properly. The possible reasons could be a faulty inlet valve, faulty spray arm, water temperature level, faulty circulation pump, and fault in the dishwasher soap dispenser. We will discuss each one in detail.

The best method to resolve this problem is by finding out the defect/ problem. Either you can determine yourself or by contacting any electronics repairing expert.

Sometimes it happens that the water supply is blocked and the detergent pod will not dissolve. Or there is not enough water during the cleaning cycle, which needs to be determined and fixed. We recommend not to play with any electronics until you have enough knowledge.

Dishwasher pods not dissolvingWhy Dishwasher pods not dissolving

When the dishwasher pods are not dissolving there can be a problem of low temperature. Dishwasher pods need a certain temperature to dissolve that’s between 120F to 160F, when the temperature is below this range the dishwasher pods will not dissolve.

There are other factors that can also cause the pods not to dissolve, the faulty inlet valve, the spray arms being faulty and there can be problems with the door.

5 Most common factors Explain Below

Faulty inlet valve of the dishwasher

The first reason might be the defective/ faulty inlet valve. The job of the water inlet valve is to provide a sufficient supply of water when the cleaning cycle is going on.

When the inlet valve gets blockage or damaged, it stops the water supply which results in the dishwasher tablet not dissolving.

How to detect if the inlet valve is faulty

You can determine it by running the dishwasher, and turning on the cleaning cycle. Once the dishwasher cycle is running, press the pause button.

Water check in the bottom, if there is no water? it shows that the dishwasher’s inlet valve is faulty. Repairing inlet valve or installing a new one.

Faulty Circulation pump

The circulation pump’s job is to spray water around the dishwasher part like the spray arm etc.Faulty Circulation pump

When the water supply is provided to all parts dishwasher’s-pods will dissolve, on the contemporary side a faulty circulation pump failure may also create a problem.

Water temperature level problem

The difference between the temperature level can also stop pods from dissolving. Hot water helps the dishwasher pod easily dissolve.

The recommended temperature is 120-160. You need to check the temperature level, either by using the dedicated thermostats of the dishwasher or by external thermostats.

it’s possible that the error is the water heater or heating element. If the water temperature is low, you need to contact the electronic repairing person for the water heater repairing.

Blocked dispenser door

This could be another reason why the dishwasher pods are not dissolving? The blocked dispenser door may stop pods from falling into the water.Blocked dispenser door

There could be several reasons that the dispenser door blocked. With an over-stocked dishwasher, sometimes people overstock dishwashers with dishes resulting in dispenser door blockage.

In case of overstock, you are required to remove some dishes, it will fix the problem. The other reason could be a fault in the soap detergent dispenser door and dish rack, which can be removed by repairing the dishwasher door.

Faulty/ clogged spray Arm

Another possible cause of your dishwasher pods stopping dissolving is faulty spray arms. The primary function of spray arms is to supply/ spray water during the cleaning cycle/ rinse wash cycle.

When the food debris gets stuck inside the spray arms, they may block the spray arms and will not provide rinse aid. The other thing that makes spray arms faulty is cracks on their skin.

The best way to check the spray arm holes is to inspect them one by one, remove them, and check them one by one for cracks or blockage.

The blockage in spry arms caused by loos food can easily be removed with a wire. While for crack, you need to repair or bring the new one.


One of the major problems is that dishwasher pods stop dissolving.  The best method is to identify and then fix the problem.

The dishwasher pod is better than powdered dishwasher detergent cup. Follow the above-mentioned method to check for the problem and then repair yourself or approach an electrician.

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