How to use wood chips on a gas grill

How to use wood chips on a gas grill. A charcoal grill station is not the option for preparing tasty grilled food, the gas grill is a good alternative. If you are planning for a flavorful, mouthwatering taste and smoky grilled meal, wood chips are best.

Adding a smoky flavor, you need to select a flavor you are interested in. The next thing begins with soaking wood chips in water for a while. After that, make the wood chips smoke using a good smoke box or aluminum pouch, and then try to your food on a gas grill.

How to use wood chips on a gas grillwood chips on a gas grill

Choose the wood chips flavor

The first step is choosing the right flavor. Wood chips are available in a wide variety of smoky flavors.

The four common and demanded smoky flavors are apple, hickory, mesquite, and Jack Daniel flavor.

These flavors are further associated with a specific food item like fish, chicken and the veg apple flavor is the best one.

For beef and pork, mesquite is suitable. Hickory is useful when you have no idea which flavor you want to use

Soaking the wood chips in water

Well, once you have selected the desired flavor, don’t just directly put the wood chips on a gas grill. Soak the wood chips before putting them on.

The grill else chips will get fire and there can be a fire emergency. Soaking the wood chips helps to produce smoke and desired flavor to make your appetite more delicious.

Soak the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes, for more smoke and flavor increase time duration from 30 to 1 hour.

Take an aluminum try if available or you can use a pouch of aluminum sheets. Make a pouch by using aluminum foil, and for better results make some holes in it.

Time to smoke wood chips

Check your gas grill must have a grate, remove great and place the aluminum pouch containing the wood chips on it. Turn the burning knob on for five to fifteen minutes and close the hood, a time will come you will start seeing smoke coming out of the gas grill.

Turn off the burner containing wood chips and grill your chicken, vegetables, and meat. To add a smokier flavor, increase the time to grill the food as per your preferences.

Final verdict

Wood chips are the best choice for adding a smoky flavor to your grilled meal. The gas grill is the best alternative to a charcoal grill station. To make your grill meal flavorful while using a gas grill you can use wood chips. Select a good flavor of your choice and soak wood chips in water for a while, and then smoke the wood chips before the meal.

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