How to grill on stove without grill pan

How to grill on stove without grill pan.  You can grill on the stove without a grill pan by using substitute/ alternative methods and tools. Grilling provides you a tasty low fat but high in nutrient food.

Grilling the food involves cooking food at high temperatures, and special appliances for grilling are needed. Some alternative methods are helpful when you have limited kitchen space.

To provide your family and friends with a good healthier food grill is the best choice. Some alternative methods to grill pan are broiling, griddle pan, outdoor grill, electric stove, and many others.

With these appliances and methods, you will be able to save kitchen space and enjoy the taste of grilled food.

How to grill on stove without grill panHow to grill on stove without grill pan

Here is the list of best alternative solutions for how to grill on the stove without grill pan?

A griddle pan

A griddle pan is an alternative to a grill pan. It usually has a plane surface compared to a grill pan but not like a frying pan.

Griddle pan could be a better choice for making breakfast treats such as toast, egg, grilled cheese sandwiches, and much more. A griddle pan provides the same heat, taste, and texture as a grill pan does.

A griddle pan comes in two types non-stick and cast-iron pan. Cast iron is ideal for daily use. The griddle pan is good to grill meat, fish, and chicken. A griddle pan has raised ridges that leave searing marks and food looks like seared over the grill.

Cast Iron SkilletCast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron skillet is the best alternative if you don’t have a grill pan or griddle pan. The cast iron pan has a much rounded/flattered shape.

The skillet has a deeper diameter and can retain liquid, and provides you with mouthwatering delicious food. It is best used for browning, sautéing, and shallow frying.

Season the skillet before use would be a plus point as it eliminates the chances of sticking. The best method to use a skillet is pre-warming and seasoning the skillet.

If you want to cook like a pro, your skillet should reach the required temperature before popping in food. adding oil before using will prevent food from sticking. seasoning the skillet helps in developing a nonstick coating layer.

Outdoor GrillOutdoor Grill

A gas grill or charcoal grill is also used to replace the grill pan for outdoor grills and is the best alternative to indoor grilling.

If you want to enjoy the chockfull of smoky and earthy flavors you should go for the outdoor grill option.

It is best advised to keep an eye on the outdoor grills. Adjust temperature according to your recipe as outdoor grills are quick to lose heat rapidly.

Broiling/oven broiling

The oven comes with many handy functions as broiling, which is used to grill meat, fish, chicken breast, vegetables, and chicken. With the broiling method, you can enjoy a taste of grilling as crispy as from outside, and juicy from inside same as with grill pan.

How does broiling works

The oven cooks food for grilling at high temperatures (500F to 550F). In broiling heat/ temperature is supplied by the top of the oven rather than then bottom-up, fat and other liquid get to downside/ bottom. This top heating effect makes broiling save some liquid for taste.

Set up the oven’s broiler rack for the broiler, keep 4-6 inches below the heating element. After setting up the rack, preheat the oven by pressing the grill function.

Now prepare the pan for broiling, add some oil before using. To prevent food from overheating and burning keep the door open a crack. As vegetables can burn so keep an eye and monitor. You may need to flip food during halftime to get both sides of food crispy.

Smoking seasoning to add flavor

Sometimes grilling may put down the smoking taste of the food. To add some delicious and mouthwatering smoky flavor smoking-seasoning is best. For this purpose, you need a smoking seasoning item.

For seasoning your food, mix one or more of the spices with oil, to add more taste, put some fresh ground pepper and brown sugar or honey.

Spread the mixture on your desired food like meat, poultry. After applying the mixture, cover the food and place it in the fridge for at least 6 hours. Seasoning will Definity add some taste to your grilled food.

Liquid smoke: Liquid smoking is used to add some flavor to your food. You can get these liquid smoking online or by visiting any supermarket. To add some flavor brush/ spray grilled chicken, meat, or burgers as per your need, but excessive use may overpower food.

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