How to protect glass top stove from cast iron

How to protect glass top stove from cast iron. Cast iron is usually rough and heavy in nature, if handled improperly it can damage the glass stovetop.

If you have Cast iron cookware like a pan, you can use it with the glass stovetop with care and safety measures. Some of the best practices are to lift the pan and avoid sliding on the stovetop. Another precaution is seasoning your entire cookware like pan etc.

cleaning the glass stovetop and the cooking pans helps in reducing the chances of scratches. Glass top stove protectors have been introduced which act as a buffer and reduce the chances of scratches and damage.

How to protect glass top stove from cast ironprotect glass top stove from cast iron

Turning glass top stove burner to low heat. Because cast iron does not heat uniformly, use an Aluminum Foil Diffuser to keep the temperature balanced when cooking over a glass top stove.

Season your cookware

Seasoning your cookware is one of the most effective ways of protecting of glass top from cast iron. Season your entire pan and it will help to reduce the chances of scratches.

Basically, seasoning creates an extra carbon layer that is nonsticky in nature. If you do a proper seasoning of your cast iron pan with oil, you will get even a smoother carbonized layer.

Steps to season the cast iron cookware.

  • Take cast iron cookware and season it with oil.
  • Perform full seasoning rather than partial.
  • Place the cookware in preheated oven.
  • Turn on the oven and heat it for some time.
  • A smooth carbonized layer will form on the pan.

Seasoning is an efficient way to reduce the chances of damage and scratches on your glass top stove.

Use of heat diffuser

Let’s discuss the most convenient and useful method of protecting glass top stoves from cast iron items. Yeah, we are talking about the use of heat diffuser, a heat diffuser acts As a buffer between cast iron cookware and the glass top stove.

Heat diffusers are made of light material, they tend to be soft and protect the glass top stove from any scratches.

Use a glass stove top protector

A protector is a thin layer cover that acts as a buffer between the glass top stove and the cast iron cookware. This is basically designed to avoid any of the scratches expected from a cast-iron skillet.

A protector is basically made of silicon or rubber and it has interesting characteristics like slip-resistant and heat resistance.

Perform routine cleaning

Cleaning the cookware helps to remove food and other elements which could produce any sort of burns. Cleaning keeps the grime and grease at a bay and it’s the simplest way to enhance the glass top stove live span.

Clean the glass stovetop after every use, by wiping out any food particles oil, or anything. Moreover, perform a deep clean at least once in a weak.

Lift the pan to avoid sliding

When you slide your cookware, it creates the possibility of scratches and damage to the glass stovetop. Always try to lift the cast iron cookware when cooking is done.

Final verdict

Glass top stove can get scratches and damages if roughly used. Cast iron is the worst for glass top stoves, but it can be used with some precautions and care. We have explained a safe way to use cast iron cookware with a glass stovetop.

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