How to grill chicken without a grill or grill pan

How to grill chicken without a grill or grill pan. Grilled chicken provides you a healthy diet with very low cholesterol. Grilled chicken is prepared without the use of oil, and no frying is involved.

Grilling is one of the best ways to get a balanced diet, but it requires space to set up the grill, charcoal, etc. if you have enough space at home, that’s well and good. For those with limited space, we have some alternatives to grills.

If you are looking for a chicken grill without a grill or grill pan? You are in the right place. There are multiple alternatives for grill and grill pan, you can choose the desired one based on your requirements.

How to grill chicken without a grill or grill panHow to grill chicken without a grill or grill pan

Let’s have a look at the other possible options to grill chicken without a grill or grill pan. To grill chicken, you can choose a griddle pan, an oven broiler, cast iron skillet.

An oven broiler

Think of your oven broiler, this could be the best option in replace of grill or grill pan. The broiler has a unique heating effect, where the heat comes from the top.

The top to down heat effect makes your grilled chicken more delicious and preserves some juicy taste. it can be used to grill chicken breast, chicken thighs, etc.

How does broiler work

Before using the oven broiler, perform seasoning with oil. The broiler comes in handy to grill chicken without the grill.

Preheating is required as in a broiler you can grill chicken at high temperature. Adjust the broiler rack 4-8 inches of difference from the heating element.

Put your food inside the broiler and turn on the grill function of the oven. During halftime, replace the sides of the food for proper grilling. The overheating may burn the food, monitor at regular intervals.

Griddle PanGriddle Pan

The griddle pan comes in handy when you don’t go for a grill or grill pan. The griddle pan provides the easiest way to grill chicken.

It’s a broad metal plate with elevated ridges that provides crisscross lines on your grilled chicken.

The interesting thing about the griddle pan is that it can be heated with various methods. you can apply heat contact by using charcoal, electric means, and gas. A griddle pan is a flexible cooking ware that comes with various cooking options, you can grill chicken, meat, etc.

Cast-Iron Skillet to grill chicken

Some of the cooking wares in our kitchen can perform grilling more conveniently without a grill pan or grill. Cast iron skillet is one of those cooking wares, take cast iron pan and get ready to grill. The primary function of cast iron skillet is for sauteing and shallow frying. But it produces good results for grilling too.

A skillet is made of copper, aluminum, iron, or steel. A skillet has a flat but round-shaped cooking device. Unlike the griddle and frying pan, the skillet has plan deeper internal.

The deeper diameter of the skillet helps it to retain the original juicy taste of the food. The grilling option with a skillet is to grill chicken, charred vegetables, and meat.

Note skillet demands preheating and proper seasoning to grill chicken. You can use olive oil to season the skillet pan. to add some taste and flavors, liquid smoke can be used. Marinade the food with some oil, onion powder, garlic powder and leave for some time in the fridge.

Benefits and Importance of Grilled food

If you are looking for a healthier diet with low fat? There is no other better choice than grilling. Grilled food has many benefits, as grilling provides a healthy diet to your body.

Lower Fat: Grilling is considered the best option to reduce fat in your body, as grilled food contains lower fats.

Nutrients enrich food: Unlike other cooking methods, grilling preserves food nutrients. The best thing about the grilling method is that it cooks food more quickly and preserves natural nutrients.

Taste and flavor: In grilling, food is prepared with direct heat, which breaks down amino acids and other components to produce a delicious taste and unique flavor. Grilling provides a unique taste of grilled chicken breast and grilled chicken thighs. To add more taste, you can use BBQ sauce.

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