How to update a 1970s stone fireplace

How to update a 1970s stone fireplace. Add concrete to the stone façade If the fireplace has any gaps or damage, using the concrete will be the best option.

Stones are comparatively more expensive than the concrete method. Concrete helps to fill the gaps, and you can cover the stone’s appearance. Apply concrete for a smooth and elegant look.

How to update a 1970s stone fireplaceupdate a 1970s stone fireplace

To gave it the desired color and look you can use the color with cement, cement is not only in grey color, you can mix other colors. A blue twist, reddish hue, and nice creamy adobe look are the possible outcomes when you add a little desired color.

Concrete is also favorable when you want to update the 70s fireplace into a new smooth and stylish household centerpiece.

Wooden panel

Think of wooden paneling as an alternative look for the 70s fireplace. The best feature of the wooden panel is that it never goes out of style.

Wooden panels come in a variety of styles and looks, bring the desired one for your fireplace. Moreover, wooden panels are a more easy and quicker method of updating the stone fireplace look, as concrete takes a while to dry.

A wooden work on the fireplace brings other facilities too if you want to nail a painting it’s quite easy. wooden panels are easier to modernize and shelving is easy.

Use a stone veneer

A Stone veneer is a stone panel that is used to replace stones. If you don’t want to replace the stone, choosing the stone veneer helps you in keeping the stone look of the fireplace.

Stone veneers are thinner than the stone but they have a stone-like look. Stone veneers have the same texture as stone, and they are indistinguishable from the traditional stone styles and textures.

Stone veneer are much easier to use to upgrade the fireplace look as compared to stone.

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