Replacing gas fireplace insert

Replacing gas fireplace insert. A fireplace insert is a vital factor of home improvement, and it’s been around for the past few decades.

Advancement in fireplace art and science has also changed home improvement levels, you can get a new fireplace insert in a unique design.

There are a lot of inserts that are available with elegant design and heating performance. Replacing the old traditional insert with a new fireplace insert adds more beauty to your most lived place, but it requires a lot to do so.

Replacing the gas fireplace insert is a little bit tricky and risky. You need extra care while replacing the fireplace insert requires unhooking the gas line, which can turn into gas leaking.

Extra care and preventive measures needed to be practiced, while replacing the gas fireplace insert to avoid gas leakage and fire hazards.

Replacing gas fireplace insertReplacing gas fireplace

To replace the gas fireplace-insert start by turning off the gas line then removing the fireplace doors. Now remove the gas fireplace inserts and disconnect the hookups. Add new fireplace inserts and set up fire logs and grades.

By applying the step-by-step approach, you can successfully replace the existing fireplace insert.

Turn off the gas utilities/ gas line

in the first step, turn off the gas line and electric supply breaker to avoid gas hazards and fire hazards. While replacing the old gas insert you need to unhook the gas line which could be risky.

Removing the fireplace doorsRemoving the fireplace doors

Before removing fireplace doors, make sure that the gas line is closed. Take a screwdriver and start unscrewing the doors and take them off.

To avoid losing screws, keep them in a separate plastic bag. During this step, you also need to remove the grate located at the sides, clean the ashes and area to prevent any unwanted mess.

Remove insert and disconnect hookups

After removing the fireplace door, the next step is to remove the fireplace insert and disconnect hookups. Pull fireplace insert but avoid applying extra force as gas line is still connected. Pulling too hard may damage the gas line hookup.

After removing the insert, try to look for gas connections and remove them by disconnecting the hookup. If the gas line is threaded, use the wrench and disconnect them.

Once the gas line is disconnected, pull the fireplace insert, and you should be able to slide the insert out easily.

Add new fireplace insertAdd new fireplace insert

Before adding the new one, make sure you purchased it according to the measurements of the existing fireplace. Take proper measurements, and purchase gas insert accordingly.

Try to slide the fireplace insert into the fireplace, stop before it’s all way inside the fireplace, and connect the gas line and electric lines as recommended.

Make sure everything is connected, and plates are in the slots and secured with screws.

Setup/ add fire logs and grates

Once the fireplace insert is installed unscrew the doors and fix fire logs and grates. Before adding the logs and grates, scatter ember over the burning plates, then fix the fire logs.

Once everything is configured, place glass doors or cover back to the designated place. After installing the receiver program, the remote accordingly.

The final step is checking gas leaks

Once you have replaced the old fireplace insert with a new one turn on the gas line and electric lines. You can find gas leaks with a smell, if you notice a gas smell call an expert to fix the problem.

Well, if there is no gas leakage, check the heat direction it should be headed up, and exhaust should be directed in a way out of the chimney.


The fireplace adds more beauty and coziness to your home. The fireplace insert’s art is getting improved, and many of the elegant designs are now available. Gas fireplace inserts are the best replacement for old traditional wood fireplace-insert. Get the right fireplace insert according to your current fireplace measurement and replace the old one to add more coziness in cold winter.

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