How to clean Blackstone griddle after cooking

How to clean Blackstone griddle after cooking. To clean your Blackstone griddle, you are required to perform some specific things step by step. First of all, turn the griddle off and unplug it for safety.

Now pour some water on the griddle when it’s still hot. Hot water will help you to remove the residue. Use a scraper or metal spatula to scrape off/ remove the excess food.

The next step is to wipe off the scrapes using a good paper towel. And the last thing is seasoning with vegetable oil. Blackstone griddles are efficient equipment for cooking.

The griddle is the best kitchen accessory for cooking meals for the family, friends, or a group. It is a little hard to take off the griddle, if you don’t clean the griddle after cooking it can get rust, chip, and flake.

How to clean Blackstone griddle after cookingclean blackstone griddle after cooking

Here are the 5 steps to follow and clean the Blackstone griddle.

Remove stuck-on food

Most of the time the stubborn stains are very hard to remove even with all the elbow grease in the world. But there are some ways you can get rid of those stains.

Poring some water onto the griddle when it is still warm helps a lot to tackle with stubborn stuck-on food. But avoid too hot water or if the griddle is hot the water may evaporate and this would be for nothing good.

The use of hot water is very handy to turn that hard residue up quite easily than applying useless force. If the desired results are not coming off, you should try it again and again until the stubborn stains go off.

Scrap the griddle

If you clean your Blackstone griddle regularly, it’s easy to maintain that cleanliness. Before scraping make sure that you have turned off and unplugged the griddle. After turning it off wait for the griddle to reduce the temperature and get Cool right after cooking.

Check if the griddle surface cooled, take a scraper or metal spatula. Now scrap the old sticky food genitally.

Make sure that the hard edge of the scrapper is getting the old food scraped off. Your focus should be on the stubborn old food to scrap it off and ignore the minor remains.

Perform A quick wipe

After scrapping the very next thing is to perform a quick wipe. A quick wipe helps in removing the left behind scrapped food.

A wet paper towel or dishwashing cloth can be used as a helping tool for wiping down the food particles missed by the scrapper.

Scrubbing Pad

A good scrubbing pad is required to scrape up the leftover food bits from the griddle’s surface. Remember one thing while choosing the scrubbing pad,

The pad should be fine enough to avoid any scratches on the surface of the griddle. Using the wire brush is not recommended as harsh bristles can affect the surface of the griddle.

Rinse with water and wipe

The final step in cleaning the Blackstone griddle is to rinse with water to remove all scraps and leftover food brits, and then wipe with a paper towel. when rinsing is finished remove the excess water with a clean cloth.


Clean blackstone griddle after cooking. Blackstone griddle is a good kitchen accessory that provides a unique sear taste of the food. preparing dinner for family, friends, or yourself griddle might be your first choice. It’s important to clean the griddle after cooking the food, else you will end up with the chip, flake, and rust. Clean your griddle after use, and season with vegetable oil.

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