Microwave keeps blowing fuse when door opens

Microwave keeps blowing fuse when door opens. This error is likely related to the door interlock switch problem. When the door lock switch is not properly installed, on open the door will cause your microwave oven fuse to blow.

Sometimes the error also appears due to circuit overloading and internal faults or due to faulty magnetron. Even a faulty capacitor can cause blowing fuses and a tripping breakers.

A faulty appliance is more likely to produce such errors. The best practice to solve the issue is by contacting the experts to repair the appliance.

If you have the knowledge of electronics and can fix the appliance yourself that’s great. You can resolve the issue by installing a new switch and fuse. Try to install a new fuse and door interlock switch.

Safety warning

Installing switches without prior knowledge of repairing the applying may pose some serious dangers and side effects. Let me remind you, the microwave capacitor has the ability to store a lethal amount of current.

Microwave keeps blowing fuse when door opens

There are several problems that can cause your microwave fuse to blow. We are going to discuss it one by one in detail.

Faulty door switchFaulty door switch

A malfunctioned door switch causes the microwave fuse to blow when the door opens. If the door switch is not installed as demanded it will result in fuse blowing, even if you replace it with a new fuse.

Rough use of microwave damages the switch latches. The wear and tear of door interlock switches may also affect the fuse. You can inspect switches yourself but it demands some knowledge and apparatus.

Solution: if you are confident that you can do it, unplug the machine for approximately 15 minutes to discharge capacitors.

You need and multimeter to check the continuity of switch terminals. Use a multimeter and connect switches wires with a common c terminal and normally open (no). on pressing the switch actuator no continuity showed it means the switches are faulty.

Faulty Appliance

Sometimes the blowing fuses error may also be triggered when the appliance is faulty. Due to some internal problems the machine may be using more electric current which forces the thermal fuse to blow.

Sometimes the circuit breaker itself gets faulty, so you need to check if its working properly.

Solution: approaching a professional electrician is the best practice to resolve the issue. An expert can help you in finding either the machine is faulty or not.

Overloaded circuit or electric cable problem

If your device is plugged in a shared circuit, it can be the reason for fuse blowing. You need to check the sockets and cable if they have any signs/ marks of burns. If so, you are requested to change the adopter.

Solution: as recommended by many experts, the best way is to use a dedicated circuit instead of a shared one to avoid circuit overloading.it often happens due to overloaded circuit microwave trips breaker.

If you don’t have a dedicated circuit, as an electrician to install a dedicated circuit for your microwave appliance.

Roughly using your microwave: if the user carelessly uses microwave oven like leaving doors opened, or not fully closed, your microwave may get faulty.

Poor or improper installation of fuse/switches

Often, we see users complaining about fuse blow even after a new installation: this happens when the fuses are not installed as recommended by the manufacturer. Switches should be installed and configured in a proper way.


The microwave oven is one of the best innovations in the electronics world, it saves a lot of time in cooking. Microwave fuse blows due to some common reasons and problems.

The best practice is to identify the right fault and fix it, either its with a circuit breaker, thermal fuse, blown fuse, or something else. It’s advised to not play with electronic items without any proper maintenance knowledge. If you get your microwave fuse blown or tripping breaker, contact the maintenance staff to get rid of the problem.

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